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The Story of My Nude Nudist Job Interview at Nudist Portal

Guest Nudist Occupation Website by: L. Di Masi My Nude Job Interview with Young Naturists and Nudists America Nude Nudist Job Interview- A lot of interviews and so many let downs but one. I came across a website from my local area and became rather interested. I was down on my luck and figured doing something is better than doing nothing so I applied for employment within blocks from my house. Everything was fine and dandy until I had to explain to beach hunters what the job interview was for. I had applied for employment at Naturist Portal. I have to say I did not understand what to expect. Would there be nudist in a factory somewhere walking around with clipboards? Or some old beaded gentleman standing by the front desk with all his glory to exhibit? I pictured a lot of unclothed artwork lying around for no reason, not certain why. I suppose that is what happens when you watch specific shows on TV that put ideas in your head. As the interview date approached I must say I was a little nervous. Would this be a naked or naturist occupation? Would it be a naked interview? Do I wear a thing that shows some skin? Do I go into the job interview and get comfortable and get naked later? Will the person who answers the door be naked? As all these questions began to form in my own head I checked into the lobby. The building was quite beautiful and not at all what I expected. It was a fine residential business in an area that I will not mention. The moment I pressed the elevator button and got to my designated flooring I very hesitantly knocked on the door. At last, here is the instant. Who is going to be behind that door? To my surprise everything that I questioned was false. It was a young woman and a young man who were in charge. They were dressed in a very laid-back style and I felt somewhat absurd wearing this type of proper ensemble in all black. There was no factory of naked people or any odd beaded guy sitting at a desk. As the interview went on I felt as if I were having an enjoyable conversation with peers. At one point I forgot that I was there for a job interview. We had some laughs here and there and I felt completely composed. Naturists are some truly down to earth, calm individuals. All the judgments and blots towards naturists and naturists were cleared from my head. I personally never saw the big deal in doing things bare because it's in fact comfortable and considerably easier to decide on what you pick to wear to work. Nude Naturist Job Interview After the (non) nude job interview I returned home and thought to myself, this can be going to be one interesting spot to work. But I must make a note to self never to drink hot coffee as I compose naked.. ouch! This naked job interview post was published by Young Naturists and Young Nudists America FKK Tags: public nudity, young naturists and naturists Category: Felicity's Naturist Site About the Author (Author Profile) Guest blogs written alone for Naturist Portal.


either topless, or bottomless, making it a little more balanced for me and my pals. The

race began, as we took off, down the paved roadway, through the resort, outside onto the sandy pathway, and into a abandoned orange grove. Crossing over the finish line, we were congratulated by a Naturist, and given our blue ribbon. We decided to call it a day, and headed toward the parking lot. On our way out, as a momento, I bought a video, titled, A Day at Lake Como Club, illustrating the many social activities this resort has to offer. That evening, I sat quietly by myself, reflecting back on my experiences of the day Seeing social nudism. At first I wondered just how many non-nudists ever get the chance to see a Natuists resort. I thought to myself, not really many, and began comprehending just how Lucky I was to have been able to seek out this experience. It was at this time, I became inspired to further research the lifestyle of social nudism. What I learned from my first encounter with social nudism is that Natuirsts are Normal individuals, from various socioeconomic classes, who select to go about their Company, with the lack of clothes. Naturists are extremely comfortable with their bodies, regardless of shape or size, leading me to believe they are less judgmental and more accepting of others. This was quite obvious to me upon entering the resort, when I noticed that there were some very over weight, along with physically fit people walking around nude. No one looked offended or disturbed by this, leading me to believe that Nudism is a very comfy and natural lifestyle. From this encounter I can reason that social nudism is not sexual, full nude family pic to what others choose to believe. I was never asked, or felt forced by the Naturists, to remove http://troyxxx.com/tube/my-history-without-clothes/ . Also, I didn't 60 Observe any displays of sexual behavior while visiting the resort. Everyone was friendly, making it easier for me to feel more relaxed, and comfortable. Overall, I believe that my first Meeting with social nudism was quite positive, which consequently, prompted me to make a return visit, a year after. My second visit to Lake Como proved to be more enjoyable than the first. I entered the resort with a better understanding of what the Naturists lifestyle is about. I wasn't a bit apprehensive about entering the resort, though this time, I encouraged a gentleman to accompany me, hoping to enrich his life as mine has been by introducing him to social nudism. My second visit to the naturist resort served to reinforce my perspectives, as previously stated, about societal nudists. With this paper I've explored various cultures as well as attitudes among individuals regarding nudism trying to bring more consciousness to the lifestyle. Although nudists have existed since the start of time, for instance, Early Greeks participating in athletic events nude, or the Japanese and Romans indulging in communal bathing, social nudism didn't become an organized lifestyle until the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Eventually, the efforts of many motivated people prompted social nudism to gravitate and take root in the USA. Public nudists fought for existence for many years dodging ridicule from law officials, neighbors and family members, deeming them peculiar, Wrong and dangerous to society. Frequently times nudists didn't show their lifestyle for fear of jeopardizing their social status or occupations. Social nudism is more readily accepted today and some nudists are not shy or inhibited about letting others know about their lifestyle, Nonetheless, some nudists continue to be reluctant to discuss societal nudism with non-nudists. I Detected the above mentioned upon getting people for my interviews. Two were Naturists, 61 On the other hand, the first person freely interviewed with me while my second person agreed initially, and then declined, stating that they believed I did not truly comprehend the doctrine behind social nudism and that their occupation could be in danger if word got out that they're a Naturist. To date, there is no evidence suggesting that social nudism is dangerous or destructive to society or people. As a matter of fact, the societal nudist lifestyle comprises many advantages like: relaxation in a non-threatening environment, pressure relief, nonjudgmental attitudes from others, higher degrees of self esteem, and total acceptance of one's own body. Even children and teenagers engaging in social nudism are more prone to developing better attitudes about themselves and their bodies, and in tum learn that the human body is not only amazing regardless of what size or shape, but worthy of regard. The media, on the other hand, does a excellent job of emphasizing the human body from just a physical view depicting what the perfect human body should look like, when in fact, Very few people even come close to their unrealistic standards. Although social nudism continues to bring new members, many people are still not