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Top Free In Central Park!

BeTopFree and Appreciating Central Park: Top Free — After all the craziness of me getting arrested, it's been so amazing to see all the opinions of support and solidarity on my blog and in the emails I received! It just so happens that this incident took placejust a few weeks beforeNational Go Topless Day ! Now there's an opportunity for everyone to declare support because of this liberty and reclaim the right to be top-free with me, here inNYC!! Since 1992 (ie. for the last 19 years), it's been and is today totally LEGAL in the entire state of NY for a woman to go top-free in public oranywhere a man can. The state Supreme Court of NY made this ruling in favor of equal rights. So come celebrate going Top-Free with us in a positive, fun-spirited assembly in central park!!! When: Sunday August 21st, 10am to 2pm Top free Girl in Central Park *10:30am — 11:30am Free Yoga! *11:30am — 1pm Body Painting, Games & Festivities!! *1pm — 2pm Top-free Central Park Cleanup! Where: Central Park, Manhattan (*Exact meet-up location TBD) Who: FKK all our top-free pals! What: Celebrating women's right to go top-free in NYC! Festivities will include: top-free yoga with Beth Nolan, fun games (volleyball, horse shoes, all agree they have the right to be bare at proper times and places, whether in), men in bikini tops and body paintingto further beautify the free breasts! Subsequently we are going to end with a park cleaning for love of Mother Earth & the surroundings :) Why: Because women have exactly the same constitutional right as men to be top-free in the state of NY! This day has taken on new meaning for us since I was arrested on Wall Street for being top-free. Come show support with all the ladies and I as we observe this (perfectly legal) freedom. Links about top-free rights, etc. Are your breasts nervous about making an appearance? Read this amusing account of one woman's experience going topfree in Central Park. Ocularpation Top free on Wall Street And here's another account. (FYI, the officer was wrong in telling her she couldn't be walking around topfree.) The Topfree Equal Rights Association www.gotopless.org(a distinct group that heads a topfree march/parade) Pretty new blog about Topfree rights in NY state: http://topfreedomnewyork.blogspot.com Whether the dog is visible or not, Inspection could rediscover, that can reveal how a bird may be inhibited or damaged by it except in the most attempted to tell my dog she should not be so nude, but she actually needed to go top-free. Sex Positive,Body Imageand TopFree Blogs ByFelicity JonesFor — Young Naturists And Naturists America FKK Tags: topfreedom and topfree equality, topless / topfree Category: Felicity's Nudist Website, Feminism and Women's Issues and Human Rights, Public Nudity and Being Nude In Public, Social Activism About the Author (Author Profile) Author of Nudist Blog. Co-founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. After I'm not busy eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun topics. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you've got something to say!


Disgrace, self-loathing, pride, judgment all rose to the surface and broken up and my spirit in t...

Nothing prepared me for this encounter. As much as that point, yoga was for me 90 minutes of asanas followed by spice tea and ginger biscuits conversing about the new Deepak Chopra book or fawning over Jai Uttal's new CD. On this fateful time, nevertheless, nudity both electrified and intensified my experience of naked couple in leucate vilages . The second was a complete shock — naked in my own living room, on my mat, I united into that divine union all of US seek. That has been the very first time in 3 years of my yoga practice that I found what one calls yoga. I went deeper into my practice, my hands brushed past my nipples in Warrior One. I had nipples for the very first time in my practice, not simply a pressed down 'uniboob' in a yoga sports bra. Even freshly showered in the yoga practice, my body had her own unique smell like vanilla and world — Had I ever smelled myself before? It was possibly among the first times I 'd ever existed within my body knowingly without judgment and was able to observe the wonder of creation and even the simple delight of even having a body. Each freckle became a mystery and something to rouse wonder. The experience was both transcendental and embodied, both sacred and secular. It was the most profound practice of my life. I sprung up from savasana with purpose, transformed. I did a Google search to see who else was offering naked yoga at the time and only came across all-male courses that appeared to stress Tantric-practice, read tons of male-on-male action. I used ton't need some weird guy's hands on me in child's pose, but I did desire to see if others out there were having similar experiences. Frustrated that there were no options for me to practice other than in my family area, I tentatively put out an announcement that I 'd be offering a course. The result was instantaneous. I received an outpouring of queries in my personal email box including some from the press. Apparently, people were having similar experiences within their own living rooms. From there the story was written — the world proclaimed: We need naked yoga! I found a little naturist community that was practicing biweekly and we blended groups. We'd start course in a circle, with saying our names and what brought us there. The vulnerability in the group's opening circle was deep. In each course, we went from a group of strangers to a group on a pilgrimage for the sacred. Each class was a mixed bag scattered with objectives starting from overcoming shame and self-judgment, to one timers who knew they had to try this to prove they could do anything, to advanced yogis who needed to deepen their practice by including nudity to the occasional creepy guy in the back, all supported by a group of long time naturists. Many men have arrived expecting to see a group of flexy blonde women, only to see a group made up almost completely of guys staring back at them who had the very same anticipation. Yet, most chose to remain in course anyhow as they released that expectation and uncovered a deeper part of themselves. I 've received weekly the question in the mouths of men's shame — What happens if I get an erection? I 've seen a huge selection of erections and nevertheless in no class was it memorable to me that a man had one. The type just isn't fundamentally erotic. While we as people are sexy/sexual beings that is not the focus of the course and an erection quickly learns that when the reality of the instant collides with what the head has fabricated. Within the first ten minutes of class, every body in the room uncovers equanimity, the group finds wholeness and a collective journey starts. Memorable moments from these classes comprise: a girl finding a birthmark on her body for the very first time, a Hasidic Jewish man taking off all his religious clothing and getting into down-facing dog, a mom-and-daughter couple practicing side by side, a Jewish and Muslim man disrobing across from each other as I watched spiritual tension dissipate before my eyes, a guy in a chastity belt, a girl who somehow hadn't known ours was a naked yoga class and practiced with us anyhow. For 3 years, these courses were my crux of self discovery. Every time I really thought I had the nudity thing down, I would reach another level of self-discovery in the practice. I experienced the toils of how exactly to honor my body and the practice while menstruating and teaching at the same time.