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things naturist. I admired his fiery and driven free spirit

and multi faceted life. From his love of art, dramaturgy, and lit - erature to his belief in freedom from censorship and govern - ment domination, Lee faced life headlong, fighting bigotry and close-mindedness every step of the way. Throughout the very starting of Breaking News: Rock Lodge Nudist Club in NJ Declares Lower Rates For Younger Naturists! fought for pupil and social rights. Eventually, he founded the Free Seashores Documentation Center in his hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Its inaugural publication was called Clothed with the Sun , which is how I first discovered TNS. Lee and TNS became a source of great strength in the early years of our 40-year-plus Conflict to keep Wreck Beach in British Columbia both undevel - oped and free. I accepted Lee's invitation to my first TNS naturist gathering in gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking -80's at Lupin Lodge, outside of Los Gatos, California. So started many years of friendship as Lee, through the Naturist Society, mentored us through a multitude of Wreck Shore battles. And buttressing his support constantly, was his tower of strength, his precious Johanna. A kaleidoscope of images come to mind of Lee: The Fantastic picture of him, Phineas and Johanna frolicking in a Exuberant tropical pool, the one from a past World Guide …he and Johanna on the cover of N Magazine while they were at the INF Congress in Europe…his astonishing sense of humor and fantastic Wisdom (he was so bemused by the fact that I raised 1500 crickets in my float house, that he gifted me with a solid sil - ver cricket belt buckle which I still cherish.)…his impassioned speeches at TNS Assemblies, and his unyielding defense of naturism… Lee on the TNS nude bus tour of Europe (but par - ticularly his naked supermarket shopping in Max d'Agde). It was my Amazing honour to have been granted the 2006 Baxandall Naturist Leadership Award «in recognition of exceptional volunteer ser - vice on behalf of nudism.» Lee has left us an unparalleled naturist legacy, but preceding all, his love and loyalty made him our great friend. Lucky us! We're eternally indebted, Lee. We salute you with love, Judy and Your Wreck Beach Family For what it is worth, you and the others at Naturist Society headquarters are in my thoughts. I 'm sorry to hear of Lee Baxandall's passing. Christopher Dyer Lee Baxandall attended the second Camping Bares Deep Creek campout in February 1977 three years before he founded the Naturist Society. It had to be the spectacle of large num - bers of nudists dancing around a raging campfire in freezing winter weather that sold him on the Strategy for a national nudist organization. Bob Holden He was a Airy and an inspiration to us all. Mike Abramson Lee presenting Judy Williams a Lifetime TNS membership. Nude beach etiquette is a set of standards, often left unspoken. It leaves wrongdoers with no excuse of ignorance. Etiquette advises beginners what to anticipate and that they are not by yourself. Nobody should believe that they are facing rude folks alone. If you need to think of it in relation to rules, there are just three. 1) Respect the boundaries. The beach you save may be your own. Do not go out of established nude areas. To ramble naked into garments compulsive territory may violate many, and sets the entire plage at risk. No obvious intercourse. Nude isn't lewd, but united with sex, it undermines our picture and could cost us our independence and enjoyment of the beach. 2) Regard the folks. Do not photograph people without their permission. It's common courtesy to ask first. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album. Never photograph any kids but your own. Respect the privacy of others. If there is lots of room, then give people a decent space. Recognize when you're unwelcome. 3) Regard the plage. Package it in, pack it out. If you taken it in, you must carry it back out. It's recommended that you pack out a little more than you packed in. Not everyone packs theirs out and substantially waste washes up from other beaches. Speak up for our standards. If a person seems unaware of beach etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly. Give them a copy of «Nude Beach Etiquette». Don't let uncouth people destroy our frail and beautiful place under the sun. The strand you save could be your own! Below are practical guidelines of good sense and courteous conduct to help guarantee everyone will have a safe and fun time at this event. Some guests at this Gathering may be Fresh to nudism, and will look to the remainder of us as role models for the lifestyle. Help us wel- come them and make them comfortable by respecting and practicing the etiquette below. *Mind club rules regarding parking, litter removal, pool/hot tub/sauna use, smoking, noise,


many, be at the top of high-end Caribbean

Clothes-optional resorts. On arrival guests, most of whom are couples, discover a carefully prepared room featuring chilled champagne and a double Jacuzzi full of hot water and topped with rose petals. Hidden Beach's general manager of nine years, Paula Negrete, said that as of autumn 2010, «All the rooms are brand new with awesome king size beds and new comforts like plasma televisions.» 8 | Nude & Natural 30,1 The rhythm of Hidden Beach unfolds in a soft, easy, and relaxed movement. The focus of delight each day is a late-morning, energetic water volleyball game. That's about all the delight guests seek as they escape the pressure of their daily lives and enjoy being absolutely taken care of by the staff. The site is also visually stunning, with ocean waves breaking, shadows of palms on the deck, along with the flowers and plants emphasizing the manicured grounds. For many guests, http://termx.net/flavi/junior-nudist.php is the definition of Heaven. The 42 units can be found on two wings that frame the central pool bar and dining Place, a layout that brings people together and boosts long-lasting friendships. Folks talk to each other here, in the two Oversize hot tubs, in addition to around the pool and pub. Throughout the day, the incrediby well-trained staff engages guests in delightfully friendly ways, like supplying your favored drink the moment you arrive at your beach chair, or greeting you by http://nudismhq.com/contribution/beach/contri-beach-skin-erotic.php after only one assembly. Negrete described the relevance Hidden Beach places on its customer service. «The staff is the same year by year. We have workers who have been working for Hidden Beach for ten years before the hotel reopened in 2010. That additionally makes the setting of the resort. The staff know the guests by name, also as their individual needs. What we do is have a file of all the guests by their last names with a record of their requests. If you're a new guest, we open a file for you from the first day you arrive until the last day.» She continued. «For example, we Understand that one guest loves champagne, so Due to that we gave her a very nice bottle last night. Another loves drinking Baileys Irish Cream. That's something that we can add to our product. When the guest has a special needs request, of course we Strive our best to surpass their anticipation». With the remodel in 2010, the waterfront palapas are stretched down the strand to provide quiet and private space for those wishing it. The hammock Place is another fresh addition offering quiet and a level of isolation under a canopy of trees. The 2010 addition of the ample Moonlight Palapa, with its pub, dance Flooring, and a super-sized hot tub allows guests to dance or soak the night away. Swimming at Hidden Beach is more a case of wading in either the pool or the ocean, with guests enjoying a walk in the Man-made river winding outside the rooms, or seeing what the ocean offers on the shallow, safe strand area. While there is no need to ever leave the resort or place on your clothes, most guests see Hidden Beach's sister fabric resort, El Dorado Seaside. Found next door, Seaside offers six eatery alternatives from the proper and gourmet to casual outdoor dining, all of which are contained in the Hidden Beach all inclusive bundle. Yucatan day tours of all kinds can be booked at the Beachfront tour desk, but for most, Hidden Beach is the only destination desired. And guests only keeping coming back. One guest in particular, who everyone knows as «Bob,» has been to Concealed Shore a resort-record 28 times. Many other guests report that they're regular visitors and see no reason to go anyplace else. When asked why they keep coming back, they all have the exact same reply, pointing to Hidden Beach's modest size, the friendly staff who know them by name, and the outstanding food. Negrete is proud of what Hidden Plage provides. «The atmosphere in this part of the Caribbean is amazing and peaceful. The atmosphere that we offer here is like a club. Everybody fulfills each other and during the week they relax and e. worth the pric tion area well ca va a it e ak PLAGE m S AT HIDDEN THE AMENITIE Springtime 2009 | 11 8 | Nude & Natural 27,2 make friends. When they come back here, they feel like they're home and are part of our family.» With costs ranging between $250 to $300 per person per night (depending on booking times and available discounts), by nudist resort standards Hidden Beach is High-priced. Nevertheless, given the all-inclusive food and beverages, the pick of seven restaurants between Hidden Beach and El Dorado Seaside, and impeccable happy service, it's worth it, and something that naturists should try to treat themselves to at least once. But be warned, if you come once, you will be back! Travel South to Tulum When you tell people that you're going to Mexico, they most frequently respond with Anxiety for your safety. The Yucatan


It was a noticeable rendering of a dick, large and arching upwards. It cannot have had any practical

significance, but was meant as a phallic exhibit, a demonstration of power, a danger signal of the same nature as the helmets beaten into the shape of lion masks which appeared concurrently. The man in armour with his 223 Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985) A Geometric bronze statue from Olympia. Become A Nude Writer For Naturist Portal Site, Where Pants Are Always Optional and Nick Corbetis, eds., Olympia 1971 amount 3. (Courtesy of Mike Roberts Colour Production). Cod piece and the baboon exhibiting his erect dick as an aggressive signal to other baboons to keep off purpose at the same effect» (p. 165). The author also notes that tendencies towards genital activity of an aggressive nature are repressed in our current civilization and that today's men aren't aware of potentials like those openly expressed in the Near East and-at least verbally-among the ancient Norsemen. This means, based on the author, that reasonable understanding of the competitive aspects of phallic symbolism is lost also; and this in turn Signifies that appreciation of the signal function of a phallic symbolism in dominance-submission routines has vanished from the consciousness-however that these patterns still remain unchanged and watchful of action below the threshold (p. 191). 224 Origin of Nudity in Greek Athletics A Proto-Attic Vase. Cecil Smith, «A Proto-Attic Vase,» JHS 22 (1902) PI.11 a. (Courtesy of the Society for the Promotion of Helenic Studies). surprised to see in the province of Maabar, India that men went to battle naked with just a lance and a shield. In the Trichinopoly District of Bengal, when in the rainy season tanks and rivers threaten to blow up their banks, guys stand naked on the embankments; and if too much rain falls, nude guys point firebrands at the heavens, as in the case of rain-magic. This nudity is assumed to «shock» the forces that sent the rain and cause its cessation. To a crude warrior the phallus was an emblem of power having prophylactic merit against the assaults of the enemy. Roman soldiers marching into battle taken phallic symbols on their standards. The distinct state of the sexual organ of a fighter engaged in mortal combat is a matter well understood in the Polynesian superstition.24 24. H. Yule, Marco Polo (London, 1929), 2: 274,275,278. I. Wise, Notes on the Races, Castes and Trades of Eastern Bengal (London, 1883). p. 369; W. Crooke, «Nudity in India in Custom and Rite,» Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 49 (1919): 248; George Ryley Scott, Phallic Worship (Awesome Delhi, 1975). p, 109, Gza Rohelm, Animism, Magic and the Divine King (London. 1972). p. 21. Also see W. G. Gudgeon, «Phallic Symbol from Atiu Island,» Journal of But I was not prepared to (1904—1905): 193. One of the Kiwi Papuans of British New Guinea the dick of a slain foe is cut off and dried. Before a fight a small piece of it combined with banana is given to the youthful warriors to make them more powerful. [See Gunnar Landman, The Kiwai Papuons of British Awesome Guinea (London, 1927), p. 1281. Additionally see Rohelm, Animism. Magic and the Divine Kiq. p. 20. 225 Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985) The apotropaic use of the phallus is certainly exposed in the Greek herms which consisted of a square stone column surmounted by a guy's bearded head and bearing an erect phallus. They stood in front of houses as house-guards,25 in the market places, at intersection26 and at the frontiers, consistently facing away from the guarded premises. The same sort of sculpture is found in some present cultures, like on Borneo and Nias, Bali and the Nikobar Islands as objects of superstition against the spirits of the Dead.27 W. Burkert wrote on the meaning of the display of phallus: I cannot find any actual explanation before ethology found that there are species of monkeys, living in groups, of whom the males act as guards: They sit up at the outposts, confronting outside and presenting their erect genital organ. This is an «animal rite» in the sense noted above: the basic function of sexual activity is suspended for the sake of communication; every individual approaching from the outside will see this group does not consist of weak wives and kids, but appreciates the complete protection of masculinity.28 Scientists also observed that within a group of squirrel monkeys, one creature 25. The ongoing belief in the apotropaic power of phallus seems to account for its look on the doorways of new buildings in major cities of India. The guard figures regularly protecting either side of the entry to a Saivite temple in India, have noticeable erect sexual organs. [See Clarence Maloney, The Evil Eye (New York, 1976). pp. 114, 1251. For exactly the same purpose representations of human phalli are curved upon the outdoor timbers of dwelling places in Central Borneo [See Frederic T. Elworthy, The Evil Eye (London, 1957), p. 1071. Legba or


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Inquire Nudist Questions by FKK Inquire Naturist Questions — Desire to Ask Naturist Questions or Response Questions about Nudism? Great! We just established a new web site called Askanudist.com. Go check it out, perhaps share some wisdom in responses, or take the opportunity to ask your own burning questions! «Will everyone be shaved or natural?» «What is the most insane thing you have ever done in the nude?» «Naturists are exhibitionists, right?» At last, this naked drive thru business is around with Brian Coldin in Ontario, Canada. I had the opportunity to interview one of his «accomplices,» who turned out to be an innocent, naked activist with his own estimable attempts! See my article here. Some interesting points to think about from this situation and my interview : If your body is totally free of material or garments except for shoes in your feet, are you still technically «naked» ? If you free-hike (aka hike naked) alone on some secluded, isolated trails, and nobody sees you, did it still occur? In Canada public nudity might get you charged with the indecent act, but what exactly is «indecent»? Cropper's attorney stated that indecency involves causing harm. At what point is nudity «indecent» and causing harm to others? To what extent is nudity a component of «freedom of expression»? You can not merely get naked anywhere you desire and say you were simply «expressing yourself,» or can you? Last Tad: On Saturday, January 28th Angelo Musco is having another naked image shoot. He states that he would like a «more female presence» for this one, though both women and men likewise are desired. I participated in one of his shoots this past year, and it was definitely a fresh experience. John Cropper If you enroll, simply know that it consists of a lot of close, physical contact with naked strangers (who quickly become friends). http://nudistsplace.com/nudist-photos/my-first-public-nude-expericence/ attend because they appreciate being part of the creative process. We were given one of Angelo Musco's photographs publications after the shoot, and I 'd describe the pages as dark, fuzzy, nebulous. It's not my first pick for the coffee table, but I was moved by this video created after the shoot: This post about naturist questions and answers was released by — Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK Tags: sites Category: Felicity's Nudist Blog, Naturism and Naturism, Societal Nudity Sites About the Writer (Author Profile) Author of Nudist Blog. Co-founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. Once I'm not active eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun subjects. I like feedback, so http://x-topless.com/pins/dale-slips-into-a-nudist-camp/ leave a comment when you have got something to say!