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Body Image — Are There Such matters As Good Or Poor Components?

Body Parts and Body Image Body Image — My buddy, Hadassah, has elbows. I've always presumed this but only a short time ago did I see her elbows for the first time to show that she does have them. It is funny that we have known each other for 14 years yet it was just lately that I saw her elbows. Why did this happen? Hadassah is of the Orthodox Jewish beliefs, which orders that her whole body, including elbows and knees, must be covered. I reckon she joined a more moderate branch of Judaism recently, as her elbows are now able to be seen. This really is a huge change for her- and for me, as I look at her elbows for the very first time. For Hadassah, exposing her elbows was a breach of modesty, as seen by her faith. Her religious beliefs had more emphasis on which body parts are okay to see and reveal, perhaps, than most people's beliefs, but how different are they from modern culture, really? While most people in the USA would agree that having people see your elbows is fine (and you may get some funny faces if you imply otherwise!), how many individuals have that same good part/ bad part answer when talking about a girl's pubic mound/ labia majora? Or a penis? Or a girl's breast? Body Image — Are There Such things As Good Or Bad Components These body parts are the parts that are so sacred / private/ obscene/ poor they have many, many names. A manhood could be a dick and may have a name, the labia majora may be called a crotch, and a girl's breast might be called fkk famaly . Even the grouping of the parts has a name: our private parts or, as some children say, our privates. Naturally, we all understand numerous other names for all these parts and many parents teach their children to call them some off the wall names. And do not even get me started on what we call the urine or feces that come out of these parts! Every one of this begs the question of why specific body parts have numerous names and are «forbidden» while other parts only have one name and get no attention. Think of the poor elbow: it only has one name and certainly no pet names. All kids call is just «elbow» and everyone understands the name of the body part. Not so with the genitals: they've numerous names, none of which are to be said in polite conversation. I double-dog-dare you to bring up the status of your member next time you're at your family reunion- I am believing this won't go well. Compare this with a discussion of your elbow and you'll see that there 's a big difference in how discussion of body parts is received. What I find even more interesting is that men's genitalia are commonly accurately tagged- member, scrotum, and testicles- while women's genitalia are mistaken, even by adults. We speak about the vagina as the part which is seen when the clothes come off, but, unless you're the girl's gynecologist or are extremely intimate with her, you're actually not seeing her vagina. That is a standard misconception. I want to provide you with a little anatomy lesson, in case you did not understand: the vagina is the canal interior of the woman that leads to the cervix. (You will put your Diva Cup in the vagina, for people who have followed Nudist Blog about the Diva Cup.) If you are at a nudist occasion, you most likely are seeing the woman's labia majora, otherwise referred to as the pubic mound. You may also see the labia minora, the inner lips inside of the labia majora, if the woman has «protruding labia.» What's sad to me is that so many individuals do not understand this fundamental physiology- and I am not just talking about kids here! All the silly labels for genitalia and the wrong use of the terms of the girl's genitals are purely a result of the stigma that is attached to these components. So why are these parts «bad»??? In this day and age we can understand this a bit because these are the parts that have been wrong for us to talk about and wrong for us to see or show since childhood. We can understand that and, as naturists, we can take away the penis and labia majora blot by not hiding these components either with garments or in our conversation. This really is something that we need to help our society to conquer, though! This may begin with first educating people on which their parts are, as so lots of people don't have any idea of what's what. After that, we have to normalize these parts and take their blot away by handling them with exactly the same esteem as our elbow, which has no stigma. But certainly there's more. What more can we do? How can you help others to cease seeing their and your genitalia as awful parts that can be neither seen nor heard about? * make sure you visit Naturist Portal frequently to stay up-to-date on news that topics and ideas that alter you! Body Image: Good Part, Bad Section Is Not a Part Merely a Component? And Nudist Sites By Melissa Of Young Naturists and Young Naturists America FKK Tags: body image, body shame, genitals Type: Body Image Sites, Sex Positive and Sexuality, Social Activism About the Author (Author Profile) 36 year old naturist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a naturist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing manner of living.


Modern celebs known to have practiced social

nudism include neurotic chick singers Alanis Morissette and PJ Harvey …sun-poisoned Great-timey musician Jimmy «Cheeseburger in Paradise» Buffett , who maintains that his whole family practices nudism…superdupersupermodels Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley …forget- table performers Lynn Redgrave and Bridget Fonda …and Muslim-slurring animal-rights lunatic Brigitte Bardot . (CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE) To the clothed beach bitch , the nudists might as well have been Martians. Naturist colonies faced frequent police harassment, public ridicule, and evangelical outrage. Even so, pasty white mammaries and wrinkly white Members continued to flap defiantly under the open American sun. In the 1950s, courts determined once and for all that the idea of a cloistered nudist Community harboring consenting adults was perfectly legal. Utopian nudist-colony culture became diluted (purists would say polluted) by an unwashed inflow of free-lovin', tough-druggin', mass-orgy-havin' hip- pie culture in the 1960s. Public nudism became increasingly sexualized, more of a vulgar mass movement than an underground people faith. It devolved from its towering Edenic origins, becoming a haven for seedy swingers and pedophilic predators and thrill-seekers of all stripes. The cul- ture of nude beaches and love ins and Woodstock and smokin' hash oil naked in redwood hot tubs invaded the spotless culture of astringent nude diets and wholesome naked family living and 500 mandatory daily nude Jumping Jacks. Essentially, the hippies killed the first wave of American nudist colonies. The bare establishment (yes…sigh…there actually is such a matter) has strug- gled to resurrect American nudism from the sex 'n' drugs picture that has tainted it since the '60s. High-financed, closely regimented fkk «resorts» catering to upscale couples and families make up the modern Acceptable Face of American Nudism. Except for the clothes policy, many of these neo- Naturist resorts are indistinguishable from high tech health clubs. They offer nude swimming, nude ping-pong, nude water skiing, Naked badminton, nude dining, and communal naked Macarena lessons. Fkk-favorable travel agencies offer nude cruises and bare travel packages. The American Association for Nude Recreation, currently the country's largest naturist club, claims 50,000 members. Its bland-as-shit website strives its best to portray a safe/anti - septic/desexualized/family-oriented strain of nudism, with obvious reasons. Modern Nudism equals Big Bucks, and any intima - tions of nude meth-pipe circles or nude mud wrestling with kids would just hurt business. Entrepreneurial nudism's mouthpieces offer stats asserting that the ranks of the American Nude are growing by 20 percent Annual. They mention polls stating that Americans are growing more tolerant of nudism. SIDESTEPPING THE SARCASM of using computers to go back to nature, nudists have taken to the Internet in order to proselytize their lifestyle and network with likewise naked people. From what I can gather after reading a few dozen of their sites, nudists consider the «textile world» alien to their sanctified world. They view it as a corrupted, predatory, automated, sex-hating, fascistic mainstream berkul- tur filled with meanies, a world whose violence and neuroses and fast food wrappers and fall from grace are all rooted in the fact that its members AREN'T NAKED IN PUBLIC ALL THE TIME. Nudists use the word «fabric» as both a noun (He is a dedicated cloth) and an adjective (it's a textile beach), and it is normally used with some amount of pejorative malice. Nudists refer to the textile world's pathological inclination to wear clothing as «clothing-obsessive- ness» and «clothes-compulsiveness.» Nowadays, many of the Socially Naked have a tendency to shun the words «nudist» and «colony» entirely. Instead, they label themselves «naturists» who congregate with «traveling clubs» or at «resorts.» It is a conscious distancing measure from any sleazy/creepy/cultish organizations people might attach to both the terms «naturist» and «colony.» Just like San Franciscans loathe it when outsiders call their city «Frisco,» modern self described «naturists» frown upon use of the term «fkk colony,» because it makes the inhabi- tants sound like mindless ants. That's really too bad, and I am sorry to need to hurt their feelings, but http://nudist18.com can't use the word «naturist» seriously. I do not enjoy the way it rattles Away my computer keyboard or rolls off my tongue. It is pretentious and not nearly as sexually suggestive, in an erotically pre-porno way, as the tasty term «nudist.» I choose to use «fkk,» and I'll call those freaky nude bastards nudists whether they like it or not, fuck them and their ignorant colonies. Nudists defend their lifestyle with the zealotry of the folk religionists