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Ask Nudist Questions on Inquire-A-Nudist!

Inquire Nudist Questions by FKK Inquire Naturist Questions — Desire to Ask Naturist Questions or Response Questions about Nudism? Great! We just established a new web site called Askanudist.com. Go check it out, perhaps share some wisdom in responses, or take the opportunity to ask your own burning questions! «Will everyone be shaved or natural?» «What is the most insane thing you have ever done in the nude?» «Naturists are exhibitionists, right?» At last, this naked drive thru business is around with Brian Coldin in Ontario, Canada. I had the opportunity to interview one of his «accomplices,» who turned out to be an innocent, naked activist with his own estimable attempts! See my article here. Some interesting points to think about from this situation and my interview : If your body is totally free of material or garments except for shoes in your feet, are you still technically «naked» ? If you free-hike (aka hike naked) alone on some secluded, isolated trails, and nobody sees you, did it still occur? In Canada public nudity might get you charged with the indecent act, but what exactly is «indecent»? Cropper's attorney stated that indecency involves causing harm. At what point is nudity «indecent» and causing harm to others? To what extent is nudity a component of «freedom of expression»? You can not merely get naked anywhere you desire and say you were simply «expressing yourself,» or can you? Last Tad: On Saturday, January 28th Angelo Musco is having another naked image shoot. He states that he would like a «more female presence» for this one, though both women and men likewise are desired. I participated in one of his shoots this past year, and it was definitely a fresh experience. John Cropper If you enroll, simply know that it consists of a lot of close, physical contact with naked strangers (who quickly become friends). http://nudistsplace.com/nudist-photos/my-first-public-nude-expericence/ attend because they appreciate being part of the creative process. We were given one of Angelo Musco's photographs publications after the shoot, and I 'd describe the pages as dark, fuzzy, nebulous. It's not my first pick for the coffee table, but I was moved by this video created after the shoot: This post about naturist questions and answers was released by — Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK Tags: sites Category: Felicity's Nudist Blog, Naturism and Naturism, Societal Nudity Sites About the Writer (Author Profile) Author of Nudist Blog. Co-founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. Once I'm not active eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun subjects. I like feedback, so http://x-topless.com/pins/dale-slips-into-a-nudist-camp/ leave a comment when you have got something to say!


Body Image — Are There Such matters As Good Or Poor Components?

Body Parts and Body Image Body Image — My buddy, Hadassah, has elbows. I've always presumed this but only a short time ago did I see her elbows for the first time to show that she does have them. It is funny that we have known each other for 14 years yet it was just lately that I saw her elbows. Why did this happen? Hadassah is of the Orthodox Jewish beliefs, which orders that her whole body, including elbows and knees, must be covered. I reckon she joined a more moderate branch of Judaism recently, as her elbows are now able to be seen. This really is a huge change for her- and for me, as I look at her elbows for the very first time. For Hadassah, exposing her elbows was a breach of modesty, as seen by her faith. Her religious beliefs had more emphasis on which body parts are okay to see and reveal, perhaps, than most people's beliefs, but how different are they from modern culture, really? While most people in the USA would agree that having people see your elbows is fine (and you may get some funny faces if you imply otherwise!), how many individuals have that same good part/ bad part answer when talking about a girl's pubic mound/ labia majora? Or a penis? Or a girl's breast? Body Image — Are There Such things As Good Or Bad Components These body parts are the parts that are so sacred / private/ obscene/ poor they have many, many names. A manhood could be a dick and may have a name, the labia majora may be called a crotch, and a girl's breast might be called fkk famaly . Even the grouping of the parts has a name: our private parts or, as some children say, our privates. Naturally, we all understand numerous other names for all these parts and many parents teach their children to call them some off the wall names. And do not even get me started on what we call the urine or feces that come out of these parts! Every one of this begs the question of why specific body parts have numerous names and are «forbidden» while other parts only have one name and get no attention. Think of the poor elbow: it only has one name and certainly no pet names. All kids call is just «elbow» and everyone understands the name of the body part. Not so with the genitals: they've numerous names, none of which are to be said in polite conversation. I double-dog-dare you to bring up the status of your member next time you're at your family reunion- I am believing this won't go well. Compare this with a discussion of your elbow and you'll see that there 's a big difference in how discussion of body parts is received. What I find even more interesting is that men's genitalia are commonly accurately tagged- member, scrotum, and testicles- while women's genitalia are mistaken, even by adults. We speak about the vagina as the part which is seen when the clothes come off, but, unless you're the girl's gynecologist or are extremely intimate with her, you're actually not seeing her vagina. That is a standard misconception. I want to provide you with a little anatomy lesson, in case you did not understand: the vagina is the canal interior of the woman that leads to the cervix. (You will put your Diva Cup in the vagina, for people who have followed Nudist Blog about the Diva Cup.) If you are at a nudist occasion, you most likely are seeing the woman's labia majora, otherwise referred to as the pubic mound. You may also see the labia minora, the inner lips inside of the labia majora, if the woman has «protruding labia.» What's sad to me is that so many individuals do not understand this fundamental physiology- and I am not just talking about kids here! All the silly labels for genitalia and the wrong use of the terms of the girl's genitals are purely a result of the stigma that is attached to these components. So why are these parts «bad»??? In this day and age we can understand this a bit because these are the parts that have been wrong for us to talk about and wrong for us to see or show since childhood. We can understand that and, as naturists, we can take away the penis and labia majora blot by not hiding these components either with garments or in our conversation. This really is something that we need to help our society to conquer, though! This may begin with first educating people on which their parts are, as so lots of people don't have any idea of what's what. After that, we have to normalize these parts and take their blot away by handling them with exactly the same esteem as our elbow, which has no stigma. But certainly there's more. What more can we do? How can you help others to cease seeing their and your genitalia as awful parts that can be neither seen nor heard about? * make sure you visit Naturist Portal frequently to stay up-to-date on news that topics and ideas that alter you! Body Image: Good Part, Bad Section Is Not a Part Merely a Component? And Nudist Sites By Melissa Of Young Naturists and Young Naturists America FKK Tags: body image, body shame, genitals Type: Body Image Sites, Sex Positive and Sexuality, Social Activism About the Author (Author Profile) 36 year old naturist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a naturist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing manner of living.


Modern celebs known to have practiced social

nudism include neurotic chick singers Alanis Morissette and PJ Harvey …sun-poisoned Great-timey musician Jimmy «Cheeseburger in Paradise» Buffett , who maintains that his whole family practices nudism…superdupersupermodels Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley …forget- table performers Lynn Redgrave and Bridget Fonda …and Muslim-slurring animal-rights lunatic Brigitte Bardot . (CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE) To the clothed beach bitch , the nudists might as well have been Martians. Naturist colonies faced frequent police harassment, public ridicule, and evangelical outrage. Even so, pasty white mammaries and wrinkly white Members continued to flap defiantly under the open American sun. In the 1950s, courts determined once and for all that the idea of a cloistered nudist Community harboring consenting adults was perfectly legal. Utopian nudist-colony culture became diluted (purists would say polluted) by an unwashed inflow of free-lovin', tough-druggin', mass-orgy-havin' hip- pie culture in the 1960s. Public nudism became increasingly sexualized, more of a vulgar mass movement than an underground people faith. It devolved from its towering Edenic origins, becoming a haven for seedy swingers and pedophilic predators and thrill-seekers of all stripes. The cul- ture of nude beaches and love ins and Woodstock and smokin' hash oil naked in redwood hot tubs invaded the spotless culture of astringent nude diets and wholesome naked family living and 500 mandatory daily nude Jumping Jacks. Essentially, the hippies killed the first wave of American nudist colonies. The bare establishment (yes…sigh…there actually is such a matter) has strug- gled to resurrect American nudism from the sex 'n' drugs picture that has tainted it since the '60s. High-financed, closely regimented fkk «resorts» catering to upscale couples and families make up the modern Acceptable Face of American Nudism. Except for the clothes policy, many of these neo- Naturist resorts are indistinguishable from high tech health clubs. They offer nude swimming, nude ping-pong, nude water skiing, Naked badminton, nude dining, and communal naked Macarena lessons. Fkk-favorable travel agencies offer nude cruises and bare travel packages. The American Association for Nude Recreation, currently the country's largest naturist club, claims 50,000 members. Its bland-as-shit website strives its best to portray a safe/anti - septic/desexualized/family-oriented strain of nudism, with obvious reasons. Modern Nudism equals Big Bucks, and any intima - tions of nude meth-pipe circles or nude mud wrestling with kids would just hurt business. Entrepreneurial nudism's mouthpieces offer stats asserting that the ranks of the American Nude are growing by 20 percent Annual. They mention polls stating that Americans are growing more tolerant of nudism. SIDESTEPPING THE SARCASM of using computers to go back to nature, nudists have taken to the Internet in order to proselytize their lifestyle and network with likewise naked people. From what I can gather after reading a few dozen of their sites, nudists consider the «textile world» alien to their sanctified world. They view it as a corrupted, predatory, automated, sex-hating, fascistic mainstream berkul- tur filled with meanies, a world whose violence and neuroses and fast food wrappers and fall from grace are all rooted in the fact that its members AREN'T NAKED IN PUBLIC ALL THE TIME. Nudists use the word «fabric» as both a noun (He is a dedicated cloth) and an adjective (it's a textile beach), and it is normally used with some amount of pejorative malice. Nudists refer to the textile world's pathological inclination to wear clothing as «clothing-obsessive- ness» and «clothes-compulsiveness.» Nowadays, many of the Socially Naked have a tendency to shun the words «nudist» and «colony» entirely. Instead, they label themselves «naturists» who congregate with «traveling clubs» or at «resorts.» It is a conscious distancing measure from any sleazy/creepy/cultish organizations people might attach to both the terms «naturist» and «colony.» Just like San Franciscans loathe it when outsiders call their city «Frisco,» modern self described «naturists» frown upon use of the term «fkk colony,» because it makes the inhabi- tants sound like mindless ants. That's really too bad, and I am sorry to need to hurt their feelings, but http://nudist18.com can't use the word «naturist» seriously. I do not enjoy the way it rattles Away my computer keyboard or rolls off my tongue. It is pretentious and not nearly as sexually suggestive, in an erotically pre-porno way, as the tasty term «nudist.» I choose to use «fkk,» and I'll call those freaky nude bastards nudists whether they like it or not, fuck them and their ignorant colonies. Nudists defend their lifestyle with the zealotry of the folk religionists


made me feel welcome there. It was really relaxing and

Enjoyable to spend the day naked swimming, eating, sunning, meeting new people etc. Most of the people were older (30's-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its cool though to see all the young people involved with nudism in this group. Nowadays I go naked in my room Nearly consistently. I also go nude at the local nudist Strand (Haulover). This is my favored http://nudistshots.com/riva/pins-nudist-girls-pee.php . Its very easy to get to, there are individuals of all ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the strand Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the weather. I adore going naked whenever possible, its Really comfy, feels great and life is more fun in the nude! Allow me to start of by providing you with a little information about myself. I am 26 years old and now living in Aventura, Florida. I have been going bare since I was 17 or so. Besides nudism I also love playing pool, listening to all kinds of music (except country and gangsta rap), working with computers, and discussing about automobiles. Now I'll get into how I got started as a Naturist. I was 17 when I first became curious about how it felt like to be nude in my room When I was 18 a senior in high school I was on the cross country team. We ran about a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). Individuals joked about running there, but no one really did. One day on a run by myself I ran near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I made it there and saw the naked people. At this point I was interested as to what it was like to be naked on the shore, why these folks did it. I ran to a variety of isolated part of the plage (just several individuals around me and weren't that close.) I took off my shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10—20 min. I afterward was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to my self I'd like to get nude and see what it feels like. So off came my short pants and underwear! I sat there naked for a min. or two then stood up. I will never forget that moment. What I felt I can only describe as the most magnificent sense of Liberty I 've ever felt inside my entire life! I felt so fee and alive! It was simply awesome to be nude outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing… hence Cozy I subsequently ran into the ocean and swam. It felt so pleasant to swim without an suit I adored that Encounter and desired to do it again. After that I went back to blacks several more times. Additionally , I went to other naturist beaches; San Onfre, (45 min north of blacks), and More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is fine, its more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went to college in Santa Barbra and I found More Mesa. This is an excellent beach! Verry private and secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw Hints for models needed for art class. I signed up and modeled nude for the art class. It was no big deal for me and it was interesting. It was awesome to see how each artist painted me in their own way. My mother found the test from the art school and asked me about it in front of the family. I told her the truth, they all merely laughed and gave http://fairpost.net/episodes/fairpost-episodes-beach-jocks.php about it but were not offended or mad or anything so it was trendy. Since that time, I 've been to two nudist resorts in CA. I had a really pleasant time in both resorts. The people there were very friendly and made me feel welcome there. It was really relaxing and Enjoyable to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning, meeting awesome folks etc. Most of the individuals were older (30's-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its trendy though to see all the young folks involved with nudism in this group. Nowadays I go bare in my room almost always. In addition , I go bare at the local naturist beach (Haulover). This is my favourite nudist beach. Its very simple to get to, there are individuals of all ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the strand Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the weather. I adore going bare whenever possible, its Really comfortable, feels great and life is more pleasure in the nude! I would like to start of by providing you a little info about myself. I'm 26 years old and currently living in Aventura, Florida. I've been going naked since I was 17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool, listening to all kinds of music (except country and gangsta rap), working with computers, and discussing about cars. Now I'll get into how I got started as a nudist. I was 17 when I first became Inquisitive about how it felt like to be nude in my room When I was 18 a senior in high school I was on the cross country team. We ran about a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). Individuals joked about running there, but no one really did. One day on a run by myself I ran near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I made it there and saw the nude folks. At this point I was interested regarding what it was like to be bare on the shore, why these people did it. I ran to a form of isolated part of the strand (only a couple of people around me and weren't that close.) I took off my shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10—20 min. I afterward was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to


Why Naturist Pen Names Has Some Naturists All Hot and Bothered

Why can't naturists use pen names? In a recent blog I addressed six practical things that naturists may do to be more proactive in promoting naturism. The first idea was to come out of the closet' as a naturist to trustworthy people family, friends and co-workers. It's interesting that this suggestion is often met with a good amount of lively conversation. It is after all a sensitive issue. It takes time to reach the point of taking your clothes off in public, and it takes even additional time getting to the point of telling others about one's experience and alternative to practice social nudity. Among the fascinating responses we received (about the recommendation to come out as a naturist) was criticism of our FKK organization's leaders because of their use of pen names. The criticism, that was posted as public comment, was skeptical and judgmental (odd really coming from fellow naturists), suggesting that FKK leaders are hypocritical to propose that naturists come out', while they themselves use pen names. The criticism was so far off balance that it deserves some attention, so that new nudies, who may encounter such extremist approaches, don't shy away from naturism and the delight of sharing our naked culture with others. Let us begin by noting the recommendation to come out as a naturist was balanced with sufficient advice. We encouraged that the coming out be exercised with care aimed at trustworthy folks in your lifetime and with the understanding that there are some people you may never tell your nudie experiences to. This is because, for many people, it can have http://nudistsplace.com/first-time-nudist-stories/history-of-tanning/ - in the work place for example. Use of pen names in national media is one kind of care that a number of people choose for all types of legitimate reasons. Actually it is a standard practice in many settings other than merely nudism. Naturist pen names The thought of coming out is under no circumstances hypocritical with respect to the use of pen names on the web or in the world media at large. There's an obvious and tremendous common sense difference between coming out to trustworthy individuals within your real life family, close social groups and professional network vs. coming out willy-nilly to the entire world through online social media, movie, television, etc. Graduating from the usage of a pen name to the use of one's real name can be a very big decision with far reaching consequences, which for some individuals involves many complex factors. Needless to say, many actors and writers use pen names their whole lives. They even use their nom de plume when recommending for specific causes. Yet it seems like only in the nudie world do we've a handful of tyrannical naturists who vehemently and vocally argue that all their hard work will not mean much because they do not attach their birth name. Some rationales that nudie leaders who decide to come out to family and friends, but never to the world at large, include things like: stalkers, bullying, public slander, job related sensitivities, social or extended family complications and the list continues on. The kind of immature, one-size-fits-all doctrine, that accuses naturist leaders of hypocrisy for the usage of pen names is thoughtless indeed. It smacks of radical fanaticism and certainly that's nothing that our nudie movement needs in the hyper body-phobic culture we live in. Actually caring, loving approaches toward fellow naturists about when and how a naturist comes out, using pen names (or NOT) etc., means respecting other's basic right for privacy. Arrogantly chiding some people for not measuring around an artificially contrived and fanatically enforced set of rules makes zero sense. That's the surest means to set the wrong model to new nudies and may (understandably) scare them away. I mean after all, what these critics of FKK are really indicating by their thoughtless comments is that anyone who wants to become involved in naturism and desires to blog or urge for it within the media, is a hypocrite if they aren't willing or capable to disclose to the whole world all their private information? At FKK we do not strive to set such callous expectations of others. The utilization of pen names by some FKK leaders rather than by others is the FKK manner of saying it's all about the love!' We usually do not expect folks to stop trying their privacy or personal liberty so that you can become a nudie if they don't freely choose to achieve this. Furthermore, the FKK leaders cannot be accused of hiding as they are physically present at public occasions, tell people their real names, make no accurate attempt to hide their identity and they use the names consistently so that folks understand who's liable for what. Hence, the usage of a pen name, or not, by FKK leaders is exceptionally consistent with our most important core values and in no way hypocritical within my viewpoint. In conclusion, let's expect that most nudies value each other (nudist leader or not) enough to enable one another the common courtesy to be as open or unobtrusive as they choose about their choice to practice naturism. They should be enabled to flourish in an environment that enables them to progress to whatever extent of coming out' that they're comfortable with in http://x-topless.com/pins/there-are-a-lot-of-closet-nudists-out-there/ and own way without being judged because of their options. Young Naturists & Nudists America Tags: nudist community Class: Nudist Site About the Author (Author Profile) We are Steve and Susanne, leaders of the FKK Upstate New York Chapter. We appreciate the freedom, rest, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others. Please visit our Facebook page facebook.com/FKKupstateny to get acquainted or join in any of our activities.


Play Naturally & Nude Humor With the Great Dave Attell

You guys! Tomorrow is the day! Come join us at our first FKK Naked Comedy Show, Act Naturally screenings and wonderful parties before and after! ADDITIONALLY, we now have exciting news! We previously announced that there would a surprise celebrity guest performing in the humor show. Well the surprise guest is Star comic DAVE ATTELL !!! Dave is a longtime stand-up comedian best known for his Comedy Central appearances and his own television series, Insomniac with Dave Attell. Bare comedy FKK Act Naturally naked party Get your tickets now because Act Naturally will also be giving away free things! The first 40 people to get tickets for a screening and the humor show will receive an Act Naturally Soundtrack CD Sampler & Poster signed by the entire cast and director. And, attend the 2nd screening and look under your seat for a particular certificate! One lucky winner will get to be a part of the movie and record their voice in a commentary for the Goldmaster Blu-Ray DVD to be sold globally. The recording will take place in a private screening after the event, or on Sunday with manager J.P. Riley. (Should youn't want to be alone in a room with J.P. Riley, you can give I had an experience now that was new for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?…. to someone else.) At both screenings Act Naturally will be premiering their new music video with footage shot from last year's Naked Year's Eve bash, which some of you FKK nudies participated in. They are going to also be showing exclusive behind the scenes footage from the FKK Gathering at Rock Lodge screening. After the comedy show we are going to eat, drink and play reverse-strip board games! Losers will have to put items of clothes back on. ;) Get your tickets now!!! This occasion has even been covered in the Wall Street Journal today! Click the link to read: «For New York Naturists, Winter Is No Joke» Naturist Sites And Naturism Articles About Unclothed Party And Naked Parties By Felicity Jones For — Young Naturists And Naturists America FKK Tags: celebrities, unclothed and naked parties Classification: Felicity's Naturist Blog, Naked News, Naked Party and Bare Occasions, Nude Party and Naked Parties, Social Nudity Sites About the Author (Author Profile) Writer of Naturist Website. Co-founder of Nudist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. After I'm not busy eating, I'm writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other interesting topics. I like comments, so plz leave a comment when you've got something to say!


1990: 6—7). The two-sex exclusiveness of the shower website betrays the high

Possible of the site as a sexual site, the gaze at nakedness as a sexual act and the implicit eroticism that's encoded in this kind of website. The relative adjustment of the 'heterosexual matrix' which sees an increasing legitimation of a gender-sexuality system where the trajectory of sexual or alluring want is permitted to extend to either gender (as long as it is an ostensible, coherent sex) destabilizes the non-sexuality of the site. Where the sex exclusiveness can no longer be under- stood to guard against the existence of desire as homoerotic desire, and where the potential fall of homosociality with homosexuality is increasingly charged, the site becomes unstable, and nakedness and gazing upon it can no longer be understood as alone nonsexual forms of pleasurable action. Nevertheless, the uncertainty between the frame of the communal showers and that of the sexual is normally understood by participants. Special rituals are in read to stop the homosociality of communal nakedness sliding into homo- sexuality. As Janene Hancock lately points out, these rituals are practised in the sorts of 'proper' conversation: When sportsmen gather in the locker room, before or after a game, and their conversation turns to girls, the semantics used aren't always complimentary. They discuss problems including their sexual conquests, their prowess at picking-up, taking out and 'screwing' the women they meet, Also as fairly often-lurid details concerning their sexual exploits. . . . Locker room conversa- tion is about making men feel positive about themselves, solidifying their maleness and rejecting any perception they may belong to the marginalised masculinity of gays or poofters. It is a form of bonding between guys, fortifying their relationship with each other - verbally more than physically. (Hancock, 2001: 3—4) Among guys, statements of homophobia, conversations about girls and the ways where the gaze is performed as a non-lusty looking protect the communal nakedness of guys from signifying nakedness-as-sexual. Likewise, among women there are particular codes of behavior that quit the nakedness in communal showers from stealing into the sexual. I'm reliably informed that women in such a website will often either have a dialogue that prevents drawing attention to the common nudity as accessible to the gaze of others or, if more Cozy, stay absolutely silent. These too are specific ritualistic codes which prevent the nakedness/gaze duality from being understood as having a sexual part, regardless of the manners in which such nakedness/gazing might be involved in actions of policing the physical. So what, recently, has been occurring to the site of the communal shower as a framework in which authorized nakedness is tied up with various legitimate codes of gazing? According to a 1996 New York Times article, showering after gym course by secondary school men isn't only on the decline but has now become a signicant rarity (Johnson, 1996). Although the writer theorizes that this decline intersects with issues of modesty and expectancies of body image and tness, he also points to an erotic element: … some health and physical education experts maintain that many pupils withdraw [from post-exercise showering] precisely on account of the overload of sexual images — so many absolutely toned bodies cannot help but leave average humans feeling a bit inadequate. (Johnson, 1996) The proliferation of a sexualized male physique reliant on the show of esh in Marketing, joined with the collapse of 'compulsory heterosexuality' and the heterosexual matrix raises the fear that communal nakedness among boys will be gazed upon in sensual or sexualized ways that have previously been shielded by the gender segregation of communal showers on the presumption that all participants in the showers are heterosexual and can thereby only perform a sexual gazing at another sex. http://x-nudism.com/community/nudism/nudest-sex.php ' is augmented further as the stereotype of gay men as non-athletic is increasingly discredited. The legal controversy that surrounded the lming of Apt Pupil (1998) illus- trates this recent cultural issue over shower-space nudity increasingly coupled with sexual or erotic types of gazing. While portrayals of nude women in lm have been common and cannot easily be distinguished from a want for sexual gazing The Naked Subject by a phallocentric lm sector, the depiction of naked men in lm is by no means recent. As early as the 1925 production of Ben Hur, male frontal nudity was shown on-screen and, despite the ban on nudity through the intervention of the Motion Picture Association of America Production Code between 1934 and 1968 (Russo, 1981: 121—2), a spate of popular lms from the 1970s onwards depicted male nudity — Born to Win (1971), The Blue Lagoon (1980), Ace Ventura


Nude Swimming at the Breathless Potter's Falls, Ithaca

Guest Site by: Steve & Susanne, leaders of FKK Upstate NY Find Ithaca's wonderful Nude Swimming Hole — Potter's Falls Potter's Falls! Like us, you may have heard a lot about Potter's Falls in Ithaca New York. It is part of the heavily wooded Six Mile Creek stream and reservoir system which provide water for the city of Ithaca. Since Potter's Falls looks to get as much focus, FKK Upstate NY determined to find just how naturist-friendly Potter's Falls really is. So, this past summer we made http://nudist-young.com/contributions/beaches-erotic-nude.php of three afternoon visits. Before getting into the interesting stuff, I would like to start with a few disclaimers. Technically, swimming in Six Mile Creek is prohibited. However that does not look to prevent the thousands of individuals who do it every year, all summer long in many locations up and down Six Mile Creek, beginning at Wild Flower Park on Giles Street, in the town of Ithaca. In terms of nudity, with the exception of topfreedom that is legal in New York, it's prohibited as described by public law. So far as law enforcement, within the Six Mile Creek preserve, the authorities seem most concerned with dangerous jumping that goes on a ? mile or so downstream of Potter's Falls at a place referred to as the Upper Falls Reservoir. This place, never to be mistaken with Potter's Falls, is defined by a very large concrete dam which impounds a little lake. This is a hot spot for high school and college kids who jump off the high rugged cliffs behind the dam. This dangerous and prohibited action is the subject of regular patrolling by local authorities, as it's resulted in some quite serious accidents. When it comes to locating Potter's Falls, it is about one hour hike upstream of the parking area at Wild Flower Park on Giles Street, in Ithaca. At some spots on the way, the hike is extensive with some steep hills to climb. For a much shorter hike, it is possible to park upstream of Wild Flower Park along NYS RT 79 and hike in from the highway. For more information and maps of the place you will find a lot of info online. Now, let's get on with the fun things. To start with, Potter's Falls is really breathtaking in terms of natural beauty. It cascades into a young pool of refreshingly cool water which presents an almost irresistible invitation for bare swimming. The pool is rather deep near the falls, and expands out to your broad, shallow area downstream a bit. The streambed both above and below the falls, is surrounded by rocky ledges. A word of warning there are lots of submerged boulders in the deep pool place below the falls. We cringed at some of the thoughtless diving and bound we witnessed. On the positive side, there are plenty of very big, level ledges and boulders all around which are perfect for naked sunbathing. Some present a daring setting, and others offer more secluded places to stretch out with greater privacy. Naked Swimmers at Potter's Falls One of the most exciting things about Potter's Falls is the stream just above the actual falls. It cuts through a narrow canyon complete with natural conversation pools carved into the stream channel bedrock. If the water level is high, these can be submerged. Nonetheless, under drier conditions, these natural dialog pools present an unbelievable opportunity for soaking in the intimate shadows of a natural cavern of stone under an emerald archway of deep woods. Rays of light penetrate through the towering vegetation like the shafts of spears, and glitter on the running waters. You can just imagine how this must happen to be a coveted destination for Native Americans in eons long past. So far as chap young aturists, we saw them on every visit. However, the amount of cloths present was consistently far greater (except when Northeast Naturist Festival visits!); a little disappointing considering the naturist standing of Potter's Falls. Most importantly however, was that the fabrics we encountered were friendly and seemed at ease with nudity. In terms of rangers patrolling, we did not encounter any during our three visits. We've heard varying reports from fellow naturists signaling that on occasion warnings and directives to get clothed have been made. Typically, Ithaca is a fairly diverse and tolerant community. A powerful idea I want to make is that hiking into Potter's Falls, along Six Mile Creek's beautiful, naturally secluded trails, is among the most perfect places you'll be able to ever envision for naturist women to be totally adventurous and take full benefit of nudist camp video ! We can hardly think of a much better way to reveal occasional fabrics you may meet along the way a wholesome example of non sexual nudity. Especially because it is 100% legal in New York you simply need to take hold of your independence! Obviously you may feel most assured if you get a little group together to appreciate this amazing chance and exhibit topfreedom even more effectively! We at FKK Upstate New York would really like to conclude this story with an open invitation to any FKK'ers to join us on a field trip to Potter's Falls this summer — notably FKK ladies ready to assert some New York State topfreedom on the hike to get there! If you are thinking about being part of such an experience please contact us at [email protected] We will organize an outing for any size group large or small to join us. We'll even arrange to have a BBQ after! This article about Naked Swimming at Potters Fall's was published by — Young Naturists & Naturists America Tags: new york, skinny dipping, swimming holes Class: Unclothed Outside and Naked In Nature, Social Nudity Sites About the Writer (Author Profile) We're Steve and Susanne, leaders of the FKK Upstate New York Chapter. We enjoy the independence, rest, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others. Please visit our Facebook page facebook.com/FKKupstateny to get acquainted or join in any of our activities.


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You do not have to always be nude while at a naturist resort (at least at most of them). You can find times when it is not comfortable to be without clothing such as if the weather turns chilly or perhaps you catch http://kors4all.com/index.php/2016/04/27/after-a-while-i-felt-the-need-to-pee/ and have to cover up. But many resorts do have areas where nudity is expected, like in the pool or sauna. At a clothes-optional resort, garments / swimsuits are optional everywhere. A trip to one of the many nudist resorts in America or around the world could be a most rewarding experience. If you've never tried it, you should. If you embrace the lifestyle, you're likely planning the next trip right now. This post about nudist resorts was printed by —Young Naturists and Naturists America FKKAn Interview with Mitch Hightower, San Francisco Nudity-In Activist San Francisco Nudity Activist Interview San Francisco Nudity — Well the final vote was passed on Tuesday in favor of the nudity prohibition in San Francisco. The ban will go into effect on February 1st, 2013, and forbid nudity in most public places. But, activist Mitch Hightower and other adversaries have filed a suit to attempt to get the verdict overturned, mentioning a freedom of speech violation. Past efforts to rescind anti-nudity laws on the foundation of free speech have been unsuccessful, but this time, who knows, perhaps they will win! Here is a CNN avi of the supervisors discussing the dilemma and protesters stripping down at City Hall. Within an attempt to learn the truth about the Castro naturist scene and why the nudity prohibition is going into effect, I determined to reach out to Mitch Hightower for an interview. Mitch is a San Francisco unclothed activist who has been arranging «Unclothed-Ins,» requests and rallies ever since the Castro became a nudist hang-out place. I am uncertain why all the efforts thus far have not succeeded in preventing the banAre the nudists merely too few in number to thwart the plan of one driven anti-nudity politician? Have the approaches been too competitive? Did individuals dismiss NAC's call to action to write to the supervisors? I am only able to theorize. But I 'm certain that the loss of the freedom will change us all. «Nudity Is Not A Crime» San Francisco Nudity Protest Would you consider yourself a naturist? How long have you been http://shockintown.com/post/nudism-is-not-a-religion/ ? Can you go or have you gone unclothed at beaches, nudist clubs, resorts? How long have you lived in SF? Mitch Hightower: I have been an active nudist since age 16. I now consider myself a body independence activist. While I enjoy nudity at beaches, resorts and such, I also use my bare body to bring attention to causes and/or events I believe in. I've lived in San Francisco most of my life, since the 1960's. How long are you going bare in the Castro and for what motive? I'm not one of the people who routinely gets naked in the Castro. I'm standing up for others who cannot speak for themselves. I've organized an annual «Bare In» for the past three years which was held in the plaza in the Castro neighborhood. Those are the only three times I 've personally been nude in this location. It is possible to learn more about the yearly NUDE IN Body Independence Demonstration on my blog. I am known around SF as certainly one of the «occasion nude men.» That is to say, I generally allow my public nudity for parades, fairs or other road events where this sort of activity continues to be going on for decades within San Francisco. My other public nudity encounter has been for jpg shoots for my own website and my set of printed photography books. I do sit in the plaza clothed with my naked buddies about once a week or so, during the few times of the year when it's really sunny and nice here. Most of the Urban Nudists I know are really quite shy and are not looking for altercations. I detected that some of the naturists were getting bashed by the press and an area politician. I presumed this clear intolerance in San Francisco was unacceptable and so I used my extensive links and long list of supporters to mobilize protests to attract attention to what I believe is a misunderstood group of benign folks. Sadly, the plaza popular with the naturists also brought an element of exhibitionism. This behaviour crossed the line of recognized naturist conduct. Because of the egregious behavior of two or three people, (who we've since successfully eliminated from coming to the plaza), most of the Urban Naturists got lumped in with the exhibitionist component unfairly. Was there trouble in the Castro before these couple of «exhibitionists» showed up?


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Nudist Girls And Nudist Women by Naturist Portal Site Naturist girls and naturist women are fascinating to other «cloth» ladies (in addition to many guys for that matter). These girls tend to have unbelievable self-confidence within their external appearance and they are «uncommonly» comfortable inside their own skin. In order to spend so much time without clothes, they must get used to being their natural selves, unadorned and bare to the world. That may seem frightening to those individuals who have never resided as nudists, but it is really quite liberating. Naturist girls learn many things that other women would reap the benefits of learning at the same time. Nudist girl in the sun Focus Nudist Girls — Flaws Are Fascinating Not Obstructing! Nudist girls recognize that every human body differs. Some are larger; some are smaller, some have moles and birthmarks while others have flawlessly even skin. The little differences from one body to the next add to the nature and allure of a person. Girls who believe in the nudist culture don't set the negativity on body differences that is common by many other girls. They are able to adopt what may be considered blemishes in their own bodies because they've seen the differences in so many other bodies. They understand that differences are interesting and natural, and should thus not be considered embarrassing. Naturist Girls and Girls Comprehend That ALL Bodies are Totally Perfect Naturist Girls Does Not Equal Promiscuous Women! There are a great number of misconceptions about naturist girls or women and sex. In the main stream, many consider that nudist girls must be promiscuous and they must think about nothing but sex constantly. There is nothing else you can talk to them around, actually. Naked or Nudist Girls DoesN't Equal Promiscuous Women These misconceptions are shattered immediately once you step into the life of a real nudist. You see that these women are in the same way steadfast and devoted for their lovers or spouses as anyone else. Actually, they may be often so content with their lives and so in touch with their bodies that they're more likely to be loyal than many not living the naturist lifestyle. You're able to be nude without thinking about sexuality. If more girls would adopt that fact, they'd feel more comfortable taking off their own clothes and loving their most natural state of being. Naturist Girls and Faith In some faiths, loving the naked state of being does mean you're a sinner. But many would assert that this natural state of being is Godlier than hiding behind expensive clothing, makeup, and jewelry. Nudist Girls and Faith All women do not have to prescribe to the naturist lifestyle, but they should all understand that there is http://episodes.x-nudism.com or sinful about their nude bodies. Naturist Women and The Pursuit of Authentic Beauty This really is the final lesson that women should learn from http://publicmania.com . When you strip away the clothes and other embellishments, you genuinely see who the individual sitting across the table from you is in. While some see naked people or the bare body as a distraction, accurate nudist girls see the clothed and well adorned body as a distraction. Nudist Women and The Pursuit of «True Beauty»

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