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Top Free In Central Park!

BeTopFree and Appreciating Central Park: Top Free — After all the craziness of me getting arrested, it's been so amazing to see all the opinions of support and solidarity on my blog and in the emails I received! It just so happens that this incident took placejust a few weeks beforeNational Go Topless Day ! Now there's an opportunity for everyone to declare support because of this liberty and reclaim the right to be top-free with me, here inNYC!! Since 1992 (ie. for the last 19 years), it's been and is today totally LEGAL in the entire state of NY for a woman to go top-free in public oranywhere a man can. The state Supreme Court of NY made this ruling in favor of equal rights. So come celebrate going Top-Free with us in a positive, fun-spirited assembly in central park!!! When: Sunday August 21st, 10am to 2pm Top free Girl in Central Park *10:30am — 11:30am Free Yoga! *11:30am — 1pm Body Painting, Games & Festivities!! *1pm — 2pm Top-free Central Park Cleanup! Where: Central Park, Manhattan (*Exact meet-up location TBD) Who: FKK all our top-free pals! What: Celebrating women's right to go top-free in NYC! Festivities will include: top-free yoga with Beth Nolan, fun games (volleyball, horse shoes, all agree they have the right to be bare at proper times and places, whether in), men in bikini tops and body paintingto further beautify the free breasts! Subsequently we are going to end with a park cleaning for love of Mother Earth & the surroundings :) Why: Because women have exactly the same constitutional right as men to be top-free in the state of NY! This day has taken on new meaning for us since I was arrested on Wall Street for being top-free. Come show support with all the ladies and I as we observe this (perfectly legal) freedom. Links about top-free rights, etc. Are your breasts nervous about making an appearance? Read this amusing account of one woman's experience going topfree in Central Park. Ocularpation Top free on Wall Street And here's another account. (FYI, the officer was wrong in telling her she couldn't be walking around topfree.) The Topfree Equal Rights Association www.gotopless.org(a distinct group that heads a topfree march/parade) Pretty new blog about Topfree rights in NY state: http://topfreedomnewyork.blogspot.com Whether the dog is visible or not, Inspection could rediscover, that can reveal how a bird may be inhibited or damaged by it except in the most attempted to tell my dog she should not be so nude, but she actually needed to go top-free. Sex Positive,Body Imageand TopFree Blogs ByFelicity JonesFor — Young Naturists And Naturists America FKK Tags: topfreedom and topfree equality, topless / topfree Category: Felicity's Nudist Website, Feminism and Women's Issues and Human Rights, Public Nudity and Being Nude In Public, Social Activism About the Author (Author Profile) Author of Nudist Blog. Co-founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. 70% vegan, 30% vegetarian. After I'm not busy eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun topics. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you've got something to say!


Disgrace, self-loathing, pride, judgment all rose to the surface and broken up and my spirit in t...

Nothing prepared me for this encounter. As much as that point, yoga was for me 90 minutes of asanas followed by spice tea and ginger biscuits conversing about the new Deepak Chopra book or fawning over Jai Uttal's new CD. On this fateful time, nevertheless, nudity both electrified and intensified my experience of naked couple in leucate vilages . The second was a complete shock — naked in my own living room, on my mat, I united into that divine union all of US seek. That has been the very first time in 3 years of my yoga practice that I found what one calls yoga. I went deeper into my practice, my hands brushed past my nipples in Warrior One. I had nipples for the very first time in my practice, not simply a pressed down 'uniboob' in a yoga sports bra. Even freshly showered in the yoga practice, my body had her own unique smell like vanilla and world — Had I ever smelled myself before? It was possibly among the first times I 'd ever existed within my body knowingly without judgment and was able to observe the wonder of creation and even the simple delight of even having a body. Each freckle became a mystery and something to rouse wonder. The experience was both transcendental and embodied, both sacred and secular. It was the most profound practice of my life. I sprung up from savasana with purpose, transformed. I did a Google search to see who else was offering naked yoga at the time and only came across all-male courses that appeared to stress Tantric-practice, read tons of male-on-male action. I used ton't need some weird guy's hands on me in child's pose, but I did desire to see if others out there were having similar experiences. Frustrated that there were no options for me to practice other than in my family area, I tentatively put out an announcement that I 'd be offering a course. The result was instantaneous. I received an outpouring of queries in my personal email box including some from the press. Apparently, people were having similar experiences within their own living rooms. From there the story was written — the world proclaimed: We need naked yoga! I found a little naturist community that was practicing biweekly and we blended groups. We'd start course in a circle, with saying our names and what brought us there. The vulnerability in the group's opening circle was deep. In each course, we went from a group of strangers to a group on a pilgrimage for the sacred. Each class was a mixed bag scattered with objectives starting from overcoming shame and self-judgment, to one timers who knew they had to try this to prove they could do anything, to advanced yogis who needed to deepen their practice by including nudity to the occasional creepy guy in the back, all supported by a group of long time naturists. Many men have arrived expecting to see a group of flexy blonde women, only to see a group made up almost completely of guys staring back at them who had the very same anticipation. Yet, most chose to remain in course anyhow as they released that expectation and uncovered a deeper part of themselves. I 've received weekly the question in the mouths of men's shame — What happens if I get an erection? I 've seen a huge selection of erections and nevertheless in no class was it memorable to me that a man had one. The type just isn't fundamentally erotic. While we as people are sexy/sexual beings that is not the focus of the course and an erection quickly learns that when the reality of the instant collides with what the head has fabricated. Within the first ten minutes of class, every body in the room uncovers equanimity, the group finds wholeness and a collective journey starts. Memorable moments from these classes comprise: a girl finding a birthmark on her body for the very first time, a Hasidic Jewish man taking off all his religious clothing and getting into down-facing dog, a mom-and-daughter couple practicing side by side, a Jewish and Muslim man disrobing across from each other as I watched spiritual tension dissipate before my eyes, a guy in a chastity belt, a girl who somehow hadn't known ours was a naked yoga class and practiced with us anyhow. For 3 years, these courses were my crux of self discovery. Every time I really thought I had the nudity thing down, I would reach another level of self-discovery in the practice. I experienced the toils of how exactly to honor my body and the practice while menstruating and teaching at the same time.


Nearly consistently. I also go bare at the local nudist

Shore (Haulover). This is my favorite fkk beach. Its very easy to get to, there are people of all ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the plage Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the weather. I adore going nude whenever possible, its Quite comfy, feels great and life is more pleasure in the naked! Let me start of by giving you a little information about myself. I'm 26 years old and currently living in Aventura, Florida. I 've been going bare since I was 17 or so. Besides nudism I also love playing pool, listening to all kinds of music (except country and gangsta rap), working with computers, and discussing about automobiles. Now I'll get into how I got started as a Naturist. I was 17 when I first became Interested about how it felt like to be nude in my room When I was 18 a senior in high school I was on the cross country team. We ran about a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). People joked about running there, but no one actually did. One day on a run by myself I ran Close there and decide to run to the nude beach. I made it there and saw the naked people. At this point I was interested regarding what it was like to be naked on the shore, why these people did it. I ran to a kind of isolated part of the beach (just several people around me and weren't that close.) I took off my shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10—20 min. I afterward was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to my self I want to get naked and see what it feels like. So off came my short pants and Panties! I sat there bare for a min. or two then stood up. I'll never forget that moment. What I felt I can only describe as the most awesome awareness of Independence I've ever felt in my entire life! I felt so fee and alive! It was just wonderful to be naked outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing… so comfortable I then ran into the ocean and swam. It felt so fine to swim without an suit I adored that Encounter and desired to do it again. After that I went back to blacks several more times. Additionally , I went to other naturist Seashores; San Onfre, (45 min north of blacks), and More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is nice, its more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went to college in Santa Barbra and I discovered More Mesa. This is a wonderful strand! Verry private and secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw Indications for models desired for art class. I signed up and posed Play Naturally & Naked Comedy With the Great Dave Attell for the art class. It was no big deal for me and it was pleasure. It was neat to see how each artist painted me in their own way. My mom noticed the check from the art school and asked me about it in front of the family. I told her the truth, they all just laughed and gave me a hard time about it but Weren't offended or angry or anything so it was cool. Since that time, I've been to two fkk resorts in CA. I had a really pleasant time in both resorts. The folks there were really friendly and made me feel welcome there. It was really relaxing and fun to spend the day naked swimming, eating, sunning, meeting awesome folks etc. Most of the individuals were older (30's-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its cool However to see all the young people involved with nudism in this group. Today I go bare in my room Nearly consistently. I also go bare at the local nudist Strand (Haulover). This is my favorite naturist beach. Its very simple to get to, there are folks of all ages, and they sell drinks and hot dogs on the shore Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the weather. I adore going bare whenever possible, its Quite comfy, feels great and life is more fun in the bare! I'd like to start of by providing you a little information about myself. I'm 26 years old and now living in Aventura, Florida. I 've been going nude since I was 17 or so. Besides nudism I also love playing pool, listening to all kinds of music (except country and gangsta rap), working with computers, and discussing about automobiles. Now I Will get into how I got started as a Naturist. I was 17 when I first became Inquisitive about how it felt like to be naked in my room When I was 18 a senior in high school I was on the cross country team. We ran about a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). Individuals joked about running there, but no one actually did. Understand Naturist Girls and Women Naturists on a run by myself I ran near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I made it there and saw the nude folks. At this point I was interested as to what it was like to be nude on the beach, why these people did it. I ran to a form of isolated part of the plage (just a few individuals around me and weren't that close.) I took off my shoes, socks, and t shirt. I sat there for 10—20 min. I then was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to my self I want to get naked and see what it feels like. So off came my shorts and underwear! I sat there bare for a min. or two then stood up. I'll never forget that moment. What I felt I can only describe as the most awesome sense of Liberty I 've ever felt inside my entire life! I felt so


What are Breasts?

Breasts are organs made up of adipose (fat) tissue and connective tissue. Within these tissues is a network of blood vessels, nerves and lymph nodes / vessels. Ligaments join the breasts to the body. Underneath the breasts are the pectoral muscles, which sit on top of the rib cage. (But breasts themselves do not include muscle.) The different, annular area of skin surrounding the nipple is called the areola. Beneath the areola are milk ducts which deliver milk to the nipple. The milk ducts are linked to 15 20 lobes and mammary glands (also called lobules), which create breast milk (mainly) in nursing women. Below is an image that depicts the human body of female breasts: Female Breast Anatomy What are Mammary Glands? Mammary glands are modified sweat glands that are present in Many years ago I was reading through the little newspaper that our city puts out to advertise community events. and women. Mammaries normally only function in women who are lactating (producing milk to nourish a baby) but technically, men have that ability too. What are the differences between male and female breasts? Man vs Female Breast and Nipple Male breasts are almost indistinguishable to female breasts. It is a little known fact that men, just like girls, possess mammary glands. While it rarely occurs, you will find men who have the skill to lactate and breastfeed. Despite the anatomical similarity, male and female breasts are viewed rather differently in America. That is mainly due to an overriding social and cultural affiliation between female breasts and sexuality. As formerly stated, female breasts are not sex organs, but they can be frequently viewed as sexual objects. Breasts are hypersexualized. They are used to sell all kinds of different products and to serve heterosexual male pleasure. But at the same time, women are shamed into covering them up. Actually, women are shamed even when they are trying to breastfeed, which will be the main biological function of breasts. Arby's advertisement using breasts to sell burgers and depicting breasts as things to freely catch and «drool over.» SuitSupply advertisements men's suits with topless girls Both men and women (and people of any sex) can derive sexual pleasure from their breasts and nipples. A guy's bare torso also can just as easily inspire lust in the opposite gender (or the same sex). This fact is usually dismissed because society has a tendency to blow off female sexual desires and will condemn sexual women by slut-shaming them. Most of the mainstream media in america is focused on the sexual desires of straight men. (This is unsurprising when you consider that most movies, TV shows and other media is directed and created by men and for men.) Besides torso hair, male and female breasts are not that different in appearance. Some men have larger breasts than particular women, which can be frequently pointed out by supporters of topfree equality for Hi, my names Kat and Im Jesss sister. Im 13 and Jess has asked me to write about nudism and going naked . The largest difference between a male and female breast is that one is sexualized and fetishized while the other is not. Breasts are not sexual in and of themselves. It is our society and culture that sexualizes them. Human Breasts in America: What're considered «ordinary» breasts? If we went by what we find in the media, we had believe «ordinary» female breasts are perfectly round, symmetrical, perky, with smooth skin, small pink nipples and substantial in size (or at least big enough to form a noticeable cleavage). Male breasts in the media are constantly muscular, well defined, chiseled and almost level. But this really is not reality! There's no «normal» standard for men or girls. Breasts, nipples and areolae come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They're able to be quite little with the nipple being the most defining attribute, others may be quite substantial and protrude a couple of inches from your body (and all sizes in between). Breasts can be round, cylindrical, sit high on the chest or droop down lower and they are all normal. Breast size also does not necessarily correspond with body type or size. Bigger girls may have little breasts and slimmer girls can have large breasts. (Losing or gaining weight can impact breast size, but it depends on someone's fat tissue and genetic make-up. Regardless, they'll only change up to a point and it is normally not a radical increase or decline in cup size.) Areolae and nipples differ in color and size. They come in all different colors of pink and brown. The size of the areola or nipple will not depend on breast size. Large breasts can have small areolae or nipples and vice versa. Nipples may additionally be «inverted,» which means they retract inward. This is normal and can be seen on both women and men. It is extremely common for girls to have asymmetrical breasts, where one is larger in relation to the other (even one cup size larger). «Sagging» is also quite common and completely normal. The skin that holds the breast will, over time, naturally assume a lower hanging standing as a result of gravitation and skin elasticity. In regards to breasts, the vast majority of variations are absolutely normal and shouldn't be any reason for worry. Why do breasts fluctuate so considerably from person to person? The different kinds of tissue in breasts, our muscle / fat composition and hormones can all change and they all discover what our breasts will look like. Or the easier answer is: genetics. For women, breasts also change throughout their lives and go through smaller changes during fertility / menstrual cycles. (* However, specialists warn that any sudden change in breast texture, size, shape or look should be reported to your physician promptly, as these might be signs of breast cancer or other potentially serious health problems.) The photo below is from Laura Dodsworth's novel, Bare Reality. She photographed 100 girls from all walks of life and requested them to share their stories about their breasts and bodies. The book explores many themes in relation to women's breasts, such as body image, sexuality, equality, breast cancer, femininity, what it indicates to be a woman, and more. It's an incredible piece of work that illustrates the diversity of women's bodies and women's outlook on them. Picture of female breasts and diversity from your Bare Reality endeavor http://barereality.net


Abbott's Glen Clothing Optional Inn & Campground

Guest Website by: Felix Gato Abbott's Glen Vermont Naturist Resort Review: Vermont is the closest thing we have to Spain, a state where nudity is legal everywhere except a number of places where excessive enthusiasm in the public square pressured local ordinances limiting it. While you can find plenty of well-recognized casual places to just pull over and jump in the river — looks that every river has a road running alongside it — people like to congregate. One popular spot is Abbott's Glen Resort handily only above the Massachusetts border. We used it as a base during a recent stay and found the area fairly fascinating. Abbott's Glen The first thing that struck us was the variety of surroundings within its 55 acres. One level basic attributes landscaped expanses, a pond, a wildflower meadow, a garden, an orchard and a four-hole golf course in case naked golfing is in your bucket list. One afternoon, cattle from a nearby farm came to graze there. Several trails lead into a ravine about as close to virgin development forest as you can still get in New England and noticeably cooler merely several steps in. The North River flows through the property with 100 yards or so dammed off for very sluggish tubing. Trees hang over the banks on both sides, offering stretches of shade and sometimes some pretty dramatic cathedral lighting. pond in the spring Lodgings range from camping to reasonably tasteful. Balconies are aligned with vistas and a cliff's-border glider supplies another view to savor. A backyard java nook and the communal shower share a roof — and a vista. Should not work but certainly does. Owners Lindy and Amy are always tinkering with this labor of love. They may be also serious Vermont foodies, with the daily breakfast and weekend dinners (both optional) never routine. Nearby Shelburne Falls, MA and Wilmington, VT are small towns that punch above their weight with live music and creative cuisine. For months when textile tiredness is more difficult to remedy, worth noting that it is open year round with hot tub and sauna among the amenities. No need to further rehash what's on their web site: http://www.abbottsglen.com/ Abbott's Glen AG additionally benefits from really being a convenient distance to The Ledges, found on a gorgeous stretch of Harriman Resevoir with a small sand and several stone slabs overlooking pure water. It's clothes-optional and hosts an incredibly gregarious crowd on summer weekends. Don't come without your own provisions, but don't be surprised if some friendly folks are passing around a tray of whatever Facebook should actually just give up the outrageous censorship and make free speech the default option. I envision an open, collective space as one in which we all get to change ideas and content without being at the mercy of one offended user or a corporation's idea of what they may deem obscene. have baked. One could get psyched to bring diving gear and try to find the resevoir's submerged them. (They did not, as in the event of «lion,» for example, have to embrace the name for the item from another , but that urge will pass. Elsewhere in VT: The Cornfield just west of Brattleboro now has some rigamarole for access but is worth the effort if a wide, shallow river behind a chocolate factory appeals to you. The Punch Bowl near the Mad River in Waitsfield features a chance to leap from a stone into a whirlpool that spins you lightly into the shallows, a stunt I wouldn't try until I saw a three-year old do it. Cunningham Cove on popular Lake Willoughby just survived a legal challenge a couple of years back but stands as a model for a c/o section coexisting with a fabric lake thanks to (fairly short) natural hurdles. etc. Pictures above courtesy of www.abbottsglen.com This review of Abbott's Glen Clothing Optional Nudist Resort in Vermont was published by Young Naturists and Young Naturists America — YAN Tags: abbotts glen, clubs and resorts, swimming holes, vermont Category: Nudist Resort and Reviews, Social Nudity Websites


Women's Naked Yoga: Why I am Taking the Girls Away From Mixed-Gender Bare Yoga Classes

by Nude Yogi and Naked Shaman Extraordinaire Isis Phoenix Why Nude Yoga For Women Only By Isis Phoenix Why are you taking the women away from us?! exclaimed one of my most devoted male yoga students. He was a man in his late sixties and a longtime naturist who for most of his life was deeply dedicated to a naturist lifestyle. This was in 2008 when I was newly teaching http://x-nudism.com/community/beach/nudist-pregnant-cumshots.php in New York and had a small but dedicated following that filled up my twelve-individual yoga studio several times per week. The remark came as a reaction to setting a women's naked yoga course on the otherwise mixed-gendered weekly yoga program. The comment was nearly childlike when it left his mouth. Why are you taking the women away from us?! That is a horrible thought! he said, seeming more like an eight year old whose primary school teacher had just advised him that break would be cancelled rather than a mature sixty-eight year-old yogi dedicated to a bi-weekly practice. Naked Yoga Girls Educator — Isis Phoenix I was taken aback by the reactive exclamatory comment. It surely was not my goal to take anything away from anybody. Actually, I'd started teaching mixed-gendered naked yoga courses because as a girl there were now no choices for me in New York. The only classes being taught at that time were designated as male-only. I so strongly disliked being excluded' from something because of my sex that I dedicated to teaching naked yoga with a ferocious feminist excitement. When I started my own space in Awesome York to teach, I had several requests from women for a women-only class. But when I added such a class to the weekly program, I received a very outspoken backlash from the male yogis. Why are you taking the girls away from us? echoed in my ears for days. Despite reactions, I held women-only courses for several weeks. The objection that an all woman's class would attract all the girls and isolate them into their own time and space for naked yoga, never again to step foot into mixed-sex classesgave me pause. I realized in hindsight that it was like me taking a child's temper tantrum as guidance for the evolutionary trail of naked yoga. Women's Naked Yoga by Isis Phoenix I made a decision, nevertheless, after a few weeks of small presence, to not move forward with this notion of women-only classes. Being awesome to teaching naked yoga at the time in addition to assorted nude environments, the squeaky wheel got the grease. Shortly after I started women's naked yoga classes, I quit them. I lacked the discipline to cultivate the women's movement at the time and due to NY rent expenses and angry male yogis, my attention went where there was a natural flow of energy towards mixed-gender classes, which often times turned out to be all male. After teaching for some time I slowly started to recognize that women's confidence takes time and patience to grow and develop, and my Fresh Yorker attitude was short on that. The nature of the feminine is that we need safety in which to blossom open. When women didn't come pouring in the door to practice naked yoga like guys did, I focused only on the coed groups. I let my girls's class idea recede to the rear of my symptom list. Unfortunately, there were times when there was just one female student in an otherwise all male class. I, as a teacher, occasionally felt uncomfortable when this sex arrangement occurred and somewhat subliminally felt the need to shield the woman in the course. The same outspoken pupil that was upset with me for starting an all women's class would get a point to go up and talk with the only female yogi in the class. He would particularly request her to come back again. Few, if any, of these alone yogis returned. I am unsure if the request to come back felt more demanding than inviting. The blind spot was what hadn't been cultivated or created at the time- an accessibility for women to feel comfortable in a combined bare surroundings practicing yoga. For a woman to appear to a naked yoga class and be the only female there, specially if it is her first experience being socially bare, this can be greatly intimidating. Nude Women's Yoga Instructor Isis Phoenix as soon as I tried a smattering of women's naked yoga classes in New York, I look back and see how, surprisingly, beach volleyball pussy slip led to several women becoming naked yoga teachers themselves. These girls are at present prominent in the yoga and naturist community. This occurred because there was an initial entry point into naked yoga with an all-female troupe. This happened because they felt safe. After a few years of teaching and observing how girls engage in combined nude diversion, I realized that girls who are newly investigating social nudity often want a supportive women-only space. It is where they could develop their inner power and self confidence before entering into a nude interracial-sex group. Having lately relocated to Central Massachusetts I was reminded of this almost instantly. The first private naked yoga session I taught here was to a middle aged suburban mom who reached out to me because she desired to develop her self-confidence and deepen her awareness of ease in her own skin. She desired to increase her practice of self-love and open to a more profound understanding of herself as a woman. We shared a lovely yoga session collectively in which she admitted to me she'd nearly cancelled several times leading up to the session due to fear. I have had two kids, she confided in me like we were old friends. I have had two cesareans and I 've stretch marks. I feel like my body was in the leftovers heap when they were handing them out in this life. She also explained that she'd seen images online of a girl practicing naked yoga who'd her physique. She said it was really healing and liberating to see a girl with a body like hers with this much self-confidence. She mentioned, too, during our private session that a mixed gender category would have been completely hopeless for her, but a private session she could do, and a women's class likely in the foreseeable future. In my own practice, I knew deep down the healing effects that happened for me in practicing naked yoga more self-confidence, body approval and a more profound, more committed practice of self-love. Well, game on. Guys I'm taking the women away from you. I'm taking them deep into the heart, belly, breasts and uterus of wholeness, acceptance and celebration of our women's bodies. I am taking them away from you in order to create new possibilities for girls to appear in mixed gender environments confidently, proudly and enthusiastically. Naked Yoga for Women Only by Isis Phoenix Inspired by the courage of a Central Massachusetts wife and mom, I began a women's naked yoga course in Central Massachusetts. Come join us as we exercise yoga with the aim of deepening self love, opening to the mysteries of the female body and embracing our attractiveness in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about Isis Phoenix and her new women's naked yoga class on her site. Young Naturists & Nudists America


books or magazines on social nudism or Naturists. To my surprise once again this person

said very confidently no, and then proceeded to tell me that the owners of the book store are really spiritual and WOn't carry that type of content. Walking to the rear of the shop where various types of magazines were neatly displayed against the wall., I noticed an Considerable supply of magazines ranging from Cosmopolitan to Playboy. I thought to myself it would be a cinch to gather information on today's Gay community or to discover various Methods to meet your lover, or even to awaken and change your body forever! Nevertheless, there wasn't one magazine about social nudism that I could fmd in the bookstore. Maybe there just are not enough folks interested in the subject of Naturism to make it rewarding to carry books or magazines on this issue. After all, Naturists are not out to prove anything or for that matter, trying to sell anything. One could say social nudism is a lifestyle intended to bring folks back in touch with their natural environment, free from the societal pressures of our modern society. The Naturist Society is an organization that promotes clothes-optional recreation for the advantage of gaining a deeper understanding and approval of one's body. It strongly opposes the notion of manipulating the nude human body for entertainment or sexual intentions. Based on the Society's handbook: ''Nudism is a way of life characterized by the practice of social nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.» Founded by TNS Lee Baxandall, http://yzaxe.com began in the 1970's with what became known as the free beach movement. Now registration surpasses 27,000 members. Its quarterly magazine, called Nude & Natural, previously named Clothed with the Sun, continues to be the ability on socially accountable and daring societal nudity. Nude & Natural is the top publication on Naturism in America, and functions as a source of advice about nude recreation, journey resorts, in addition to up-to-date laws. Membership in The Naturist Society comprises many advantages such as discount rates to clubs and resorts globally, the skill to participate in annual events held throughout the U.S., and voting privileges in the election of managers for two affiliated organizations, the Naturist Action Committee and the Naturist Education Foundation. It seems proper to discuss the functions of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC), and the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF), for they too are important supporters for the promotion of Naturism. The NAC represents the Naturists regarding political and legal problems by lobbying and monitoring legislative actions from the local level, to the U.S. Congress. The Naturist Education Foundation serves to educate and inform the people about Nudism in hopes of creating more approval and understanding of this lifestyle. Some of its current projects include the creation of a video titled, Introduction to Naturism, which Describes who Naturists are, and how the values apply to social nudism. The video also Efforts to convince the people that clothes-optional sites can improve their communities. The Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) sponsors the NEF Scholastic Award twice a year. A one-thousand dollar scholarship is granted to a student who submits the best essay about Naturism. Participants for the award must be members of The Naturist Society and attend an accredited two-year or four-year college. The Naturist Education Foundation admits that students have a great possibility for communicating significant Problems regarding Naturism to the public, professionals, and legislators, in communities, thus creating more knowledge relating to this lifestyle. The Naturist Education Foundation provides grant money to aid with legal fees Connected with suits pertaining to their cause. NEF' s works in progress include the promotion of an adult education program called Naturism in America. Some Nudism courses are being educated in the U.S. today. Ideally, the NEF would like to see this course offered to students on college campuses, but the likelihood of this happening is small due to the lack of pupil interest pertaining to the area, and family nudist pics fulfilling the aims set by the school's board of trustees. Generally, new classes are approved by instructors from within their own departments. Unless the educators are Naturists themselves, or very familiar with the issue, the thought will likely be rejected. Therefore, the Naturist Education Foundation suggests proposing a class on social nudism in non-accredited adult education classes geared more towards personal enrichment. The NEF additionally issues surveys on social nudism. An important study conducted by the Naturist Education Foundation is the 2000 NEF/Roper survey. This survey measures American approaches towards naked sunbathing and skinny-dipping. The results suggest that


things naturist. I admired his fiery and driven free spirit

and multi faceted life. From his love of art, dramaturgy, and lit - erature to his belief in freedom from censorship and govern - ment domination, Lee faced life headlong, fighting bigotry and close-mindedness every step of the way. Throughout the very starting of Breaking News: Rock Lodge Nudist Club in NJ Declares Lower Rates For Younger Naturists! fought for pupil and social rights. Eventually, he founded the Free Seashores Documentation Center in his hometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Its inaugural publication was called Clothed with the Sun , which is how I first discovered TNS. Lee and TNS became a source of great strength in the early years of our 40-year-plus Conflict to keep Wreck Beach in British Columbia both undevel - oped and free. I accepted Lee's invitation to my first TNS naturist gathering in gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking -80's at Lupin Lodge, outside of Los Gatos, California. So started many years of friendship as Lee, through the Naturist Society, mentored us through a multitude of Wreck Shore battles. And buttressing his support constantly, was his tower of strength, his precious Johanna. A kaleidoscope of images come to mind of Lee: The Fantastic picture of him, Phineas and Johanna frolicking in a Exuberant tropical pool, the one from a past World Guide …he and Johanna on the cover of N Magazine while they were at the INF Congress in Europe…his astonishing sense of humor and fantastic Wisdom (he was so bemused by the fact that I raised 1500 crickets in my float house, that he gifted me with a solid sil - ver cricket belt buckle which I still cherish.)…his impassioned speeches at TNS Assemblies, and his unyielding defense of naturism… Lee on the TNS nude bus tour of Europe (but par - ticularly his naked supermarket shopping in Max d'Agde). It was my Amazing honour to have been granted the 2006 Baxandall Naturist Leadership Award «in recognition of exceptional volunteer ser - vice on behalf of nudism.» Lee has left us an unparalleled naturist legacy, but preceding all, his love and loyalty made him our great friend. Lucky us! We're eternally indebted, Lee. We salute you with love, Judy and Your Wreck Beach Family For what it is worth, you and the others at Naturist Society headquarters are in my thoughts. I 'm sorry to hear of Lee Baxandall's passing. Christopher Dyer Lee Baxandall attended the second Camping Bares Deep Creek campout in February 1977 three years before he founded the Naturist Society. It had to be the spectacle of large num - bers of nudists dancing around a raging campfire in freezing winter weather that sold him on the Strategy for a national nudist organization. Bob Holden He was a Airy and an inspiration to us all. Mike Abramson Lee presenting Judy Williams a Lifetime TNS membership. Nude beach etiquette is a set of standards, often left unspoken. It leaves wrongdoers with no excuse of ignorance. Etiquette advises beginners what to anticipate and that they are not by yourself. Nobody should believe that they are facing rude folks alone. If you need to think of it in relation to rules, there are just three. 1) Respect the boundaries. The beach you save may be your own. Do not go out of established nude areas. To ramble naked into garments compulsive territory may violate many, and sets the entire plage at risk. No obvious intercourse. Nude isn't lewd, but united with sex, it undermines our picture and could cost us our independence and enjoyment of the beach. 2) Regard the folks. Do not photograph people without their permission. It's common courtesy to ask first. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album. Never photograph any kids but your own. Respect the privacy of others. If there is lots of room, then give people a decent space. Recognize when you're unwelcome. 3) Regard the plage. Package it in, pack it out. If you taken it in, you must carry it back out. It's recommended that you pack out a little more than you packed in. Not everyone packs theirs out and substantially waste washes up from other beaches. Speak up for our standards. If a person seems unaware of beach etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly. Give them a copy of «Nude Beach Etiquette». Don't let uncouth people destroy our frail and beautiful place under the sun. The strand you save could be your own! Below are practical guidelines of good sense and courteous conduct to help guarantee everyone will have a safe and fun time at this event. Some guests at this Gathering may be Fresh to nudism, and will look to the remainder of us as role models for the lifestyle. Help us wel- come them and make them comfortable by respecting and practicing the etiquette below. *Mind club rules regarding parking, litter removal, pool/hot tub/sauna use, smoking, noise,


many, be at the top of high-end Caribbean

Clothes-optional resorts. On arrival guests, most of whom are couples, discover a carefully prepared room featuring chilled champagne and a double Jacuzzi full of hot water and topped with rose petals. Hidden Beach's general manager of nine years, Paula Negrete, said that as of autumn 2010, «All the rooms are brand new with awesome king size beds and new comforts like plasma televisions.» 8 | Nude & Natural 30,1 The rhythm of Hidden Beach unfolds in a soft, easy, and relaxed movement. The focus of delight each day is a late-morning, energetic water volleyball game. That's about all the delight guests seek as they escape the pressure of their daily lives and enjoy being absolutely taken care of by the staff. The site is also visually stunning, with ocean waves breaking, shadows of palms on the deck, along with the flowers and plants emphasizing the manicured grounds. For many guests, http://termx.net/flavi/junior-nudist.php is the definition of Heaven. The 42 units can be found on two wings that frame the central pool bar and dining Place, a layout that brings people together and boosts long-lasting friendships. Folks talk to each other here, in the two Oversize hot tubs, in addition to around the pool and pub. Throughout the day, the incrediby well-trained staff engages guests in delightfully friendly ways, like supplying your favored drink the moment you arrive at your beach chair, or greeting you by http://nudismhq.com/contribution/beach/contri-beach-skin-erotic.php after only one assembly. Negrete described the relevance Hidden Beach places on its customer service. «The staff is the same year by year. We have workers who have been working for Hidden Beach for ten years before the hotel reopened in 2010. That additionally makes the setting of the resort. The staff know the guests by name, also as their individual needs. What we do is have a file of all the guests by their last names with a record of their requests. If you're a new guest, we open a file for you from the first day you arrive until the last day.» She continued. «For example, we Understand that one guest loves champagne, so Due to that we gave her a very nice bottle last night. Another loves drinking Baileys Irish Cream. That's something that we can add to our product. When the guest has a special needs request, of course we Strive our best to surpass their anticipation». With the remodel in 2010, the waterfront palapas are stretched down the strand to provide quiet and private space for those wishing it. The hammock Place is another fresh addition offering quiet and a level of isolation under a canopy of trees. The 2010 addition of the ample Moonlight Palapa, with its pub, dance Flooring, and a super-sized hot tub allows guests to dance or soak the night away. Swimming at Hidden Beach is more a case of wading in either the pool or the ocean, with guests enjoying a walk in the Man-made river winding outside the rooms, or seeing what the ocean offers on the shallow, safe strand area. While there is no need to ever leave the resort or place on your clothes, most guests see Hidden Beach's sister fabric resort, El Dorado Seaside. Found next door, Seaside offers six eatery alternatives from the proper and gourmet to casual outdoor dining, all of which are contained in the Hidden Beach all inclusive bundle. Yucatan day tours of all kinds can be booked at the Beachfront tour desk, but for most, Hidden Beach is the only destination desired. And guests only keeping coming back. One guest in particular, who everyone knows as «Bob,» has been to Concealed Shore a resort-record 28 times. Many other guests report that they're regular visitors and see no reason to go anyplace else. When asked why they keep coming back, they all have the exact same reply, pointing to Hidden Beach's modest size, the friendly staff who know them by name, and the outstanding food. Negrete is proud of what Hidden Plage provides. «The atmosphere in this part of the Caribbean is amazing and peaceful. The atmosphere that we offer here is like a club. Everybody fulfills each other and during the week they relax and e. worth the pric tion area well ca va a it e ak PLAGE m S AT HIDDEN THE AMENITIE Springtime 2009 | 11 8 | Nude & Natural 27,2 make friends. When they come back here, they feel like they're home and are part of our family.» With costs ranging between $250 to $300 per person per night (depending on booking times and available discounts), by nudist resort standards Hidden Beach is High-priced. Nevertheless, given the all-inclusive food and beverages, the pick of seven restaurants between Hidden Beach and El Dorado Seaside, and impeccable happy service, it's worth it, and something that naturists should try to treat themselves to at least once. But be warned, if you come once, you will be back! Travel South to Tulum When you tell people that you're going to Mexico, they most frequently respond with Anxiety for your safety. The Yucatan


It was a noticeable rendering of a dick, large and arching upwards. It cannot have had any practical

significance, but was meant as a phallic exhibit, a demonstration of power, a danger signal of the same nature as the helmets beaten into the shape of lion masks which appeared concurrently. The man in armour with his 223 Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985) A Geometric bronze statue from Olympia. Become A Nude Writer For Naturist Portal Site, Where Pants Are Always Optional and Nick Corbetis, eds., Olympia 1971 amount 3. (Courtesy of Mike Roberts Colour Production). Cod piece and the baboon exhibiting his erect dick as an aggressive signal to other baboons to keep off purpose at the same effect» (p. 165). The author also notes that tendencies towards genital activity of an aggressive nature are repressed in our current civilization and that today's men aren't aware of potentials like those openly expressed in the Near East and-at least verbally-among the ancient Norsemen. This means, based on the author, that reasonable understanding of the competitive aspects of phallic symbolism is lost also; and this in turn Signifies that appreciation of the signal function of a phallic symbolism in dominance-submission routines has vanished from the consciousness-however that these patterns still remain unchanged and watchful of action below the threshold (p. 191). 224 Origin of Nudity in Greek Athletics A Proto-Attic Vase. Cecil Smith, «A Proto-Attic Vase,» JHS 22 (1902) PI.11 a. (Courtesy of the Society for the Promotion of Helenic Studies). surprised to see in the province of Maabar, India that men went to battle naked with just a lance and a shield. In the Trichinopoly District of Bengal, when in the rainy season tanks and rivers threaten to blow up their banks, guys stand naked on the embankments; and if too much rain falls, nude guys point firebrands at the heavens, as in the case of rain-magic. This nudity is assumed to «shock» the forces that sent the rain and cause its cessation. To a crude warrior the phallus was an emblem of power having prophylactic merit against the assaults of the enemy. Roman soldiers marching into battle taken phallic symbols on their standards. The distinct state of the sexual organ of a fighter engaged in mortal combat is a matter well understood in the Polynesian superstition.24 24. H. Yule, Marco Polo (London, 1929), 2: 274,275,278. I. Wise, Notes on the Races, Castes and Trades of Eastern Bengal (London, 1883). p. 369; W. Crooke, «Nudity in India in Custom and Rite,» Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 49 (1919): 248; George Ryley Scott, Phallic Worship (Awesome Delhi, 1975). p, 109, Gza Rohelm, Animism, Magic and the Divine King (London. 1972). p. 21. Also see W. G. Gudgeon, «Phallic Symbol from Atiu Island,» Journal of But I was not prepared to (1904—1905): 193. One of the Kiwi Papuans of British New Guinea the dick of a slain foe is cut off and dried. Before a fight a small piece of it combined with banana is given to the youthful warriors to make them more powerful. [See Gunnar Landman, The Kiwai Papuons of British Awesome Guinea (London, 1927), p. 1281. Additionally see Rohelm, Animism. Magic and the Divine Kiq. p. 20. 225 Journal of Sport History, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Winter, 1985) The apotropaic use of the phallus is certainly exposed in the Greek herms which consisted of a square stone column surmounted by a guy's bearded head and bearing an erect phallus. They stood in front of houses as house-guards,25 in the market places, at intersection26 and at the frontiers, consistently facing away from the guarded premises. The same sort of sculpture is found in some present cultures, like on Borneo and Nias, Bali and the Nikobar Islands as objects of superstition against the spirits of the Dead.27 W. Burkert wrote on the meaning of the display of phallus: I cannot find any actual explanation before ethology found that there are species of monkeys, living in groups, of whom the males act as guards: They sit up at the outposts, confronting outside and presenting their erect genital organ. This is an «animal rite» in the sense noted above: the basic function of sexual activity is suspended for the sake of communication; every individual approaching from the outside will see this group does not consist of weak wives and kids, but appreciates the complete protection of masculinity.28 Scientists also observed that within a group of squirrel monkeys, one creature 25. The ongoing belief in the apotropaic power of phallus seems to account for its look on the doorways of new buildings in major cities of India. The guard figures regularly protecting either side of the entry to a Saivite temple in India, have noticeable erect sexual organs. [See Clarence Maloney, The Evil Eye (New York, 1976). pp. 114, 1251. For exactly the same purpose representations of human phalli are curved upon the outdoor timbers of dwelling places in Central Borneo [See Frederic T. Elworthy, The Evil Eye (London, 1957), p. 1071. Legba or

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